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Marilyn Rose’s Harmony of Design

by Evelina Emmi Rector
Photography by Noel Allum

           Throughout her long and notable career, interior designer Marilyn Rose has continually risen to the occasion in meeting her clients’ needs - whether for a business or residential space, one room or an entire house, a historic home in the country or a contemporary city apartment. Her mastery is seen in her comprehensive design projects, and also in her singularly focused ones, like finding the perfect accessory. Finishing touches may seem like a small thing to some, but they are as important in interior design as they are in one’s personal wardrobe. Intentionally or not, people tend to set a signature style that others eventually associate with them. For people to feel truly at home it is important that their signature style be reflected in the spaces where they live.


           Successfully selecting and integrating accessories into an environment is a most challenging and rewarding aspect of interior design. Challenging because it takes an artful eye, rewarding because accessories help make a home into a haven, created around and for the people who live in it.

           For years, Marilyn Rose welcomed both established design clients and visitors to her charming shop in Locust Valley, where she offered an extensive collection of accessories from around the world. She savored the excitement of returning from buying trips (a car ride away or across the Atlantic) with new finds in tow. She enjoyed seeing how happy people were when they found just the right piece in her shop. Sometimes she also heard the laments of those who felt lost and overwhelmed by the task of accessorizing. In such cases, her support and guidance helped in finding the right accessories, and once trust was established, often led to more ambitious design projects as well.

           A few years ago Ms. Rose decided that the dedication and time she had devoted to her chosen field had earned her the privilege of selecting which aspects of her business she wanted to concentrate on, moving forward. After some reflection, she came to a happy

           Clearly, the needs of her clients, and the artistic satisfaction of seeing a project through from floor plans to finishing touches, dictated that her comprehensive “soup to nuts” design services would remain the heart of her business. Remembering the highs and lows she had seen people go through in terms of accessorizing their homes and offices, though, she was inspired to close her shop, move her office, and - while continuing her primary work, full interior design service - create a new on-site accessory program, Accessories a la

           Helping clients find just the right accessory for a certain spot, or finding the right spot for a certain accessory, requires a sensitivity to color, shape, texture and balance, as well as mood, and the compatibility of pieces based on different periods and cultures. As Ms. Rose is fond of saying, “It’s all about harmony.” Creating an appealing setting requires integrating new accessories that relate well to a client’s existing furnishings and treasured possessions, thereby making a space personally satisfying and aesthetically pleasing.

           About two years ago, a couple who had admired Marilyn Rose’s work for a long time sought her help in accessorizing their North Shore home. From their perspective, working on accessories together seemed to be a manageable place to start, without having to make a major financial commitment and risk disappointment with the results. These were issues of considerable concern because the couple had purchased major pieces at a design center years ago, and were ultimately disappointed with the

           Ms. Rose worked with her new accessory clients, going at their pace, with one success leading to another, each building trust, confidence and enthusiasm. Eventually, the clients enlisted Marilyn to transform the key rooms in their home, including the living room, dining room, master bedroom, guest room and kitchen. The selection of subtle, harmonious tones, elegant fabrics, sophisticated window and wall treatments, unique pieces of furniture and of course - the perfect accessories - has resulted in a warm, inviting, comfortable home that embraces the outdoor environment surrounding it, and the people who live within it.

           In their own words, both clients expressed their enthusiastic approval of the outcome: Hers, “I never thought my home could look like this.” His, “You have a great eye and I trust you implicitly.” No doubt, music to Marilyn Rose’s ears. The ability to evaluate and respond to client needs and desires, coupled with Ms. Rose’s design aesthetic, have resulted in comfortable and beautiful spaces that sustain the people who live or work in

           As with this particular project, during the weeks, months and years that she works with her clients, a lovely dividend often comes into play - genuine friendship. As a result, Marilyn Rose‘s lifelong passion for interior design is rekindled with every project, and every friendship, leaving her ever more energized and inspired.

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September/October • 2014


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