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Long Island Pool and Spa Association Award Winner

Vinyl Traditional - Silver

           In the classic village of Huntington, many historical homes can be found. Families that have been in the community have been there for years, even generations. Metamorphosis was contacted for the renovation of such a home. Due to the tight dimensions of the lot, building up the space needed for this active family was going to take up all the property that was allowed. This extensive renovation would provide the new homeowners with the opportunity to update the neighborhood in a classic style with a modern approach.

           The design elements to be included made up a fairly simple list. Clean lines with classic materials were requested. The front yard was to be refined in design with classic plant materials and hedging typical to the surroundings with seasonal color where it was opportune, but nothing messy and out of control. The rear yard had two simple requests – a swimming pool and privacy. Working closely with Arthur Edwards Pools, a classic rectangular pool with a visual display of water and fire was installed. Through the necessity of a retaining wall to correct property grade issues allowing for pool construction, privacy was achieved with large plantings a top the wall.

           The overall concept of design was achieved using modern elements in a classic fashion, making this newly renovated home a modern classic.