Soul! Role! Goal!


Bestselling author, business consultant and motivational speaker Mitch Axelrod appreciates Millennials. He thinks we should do just fine in life if we remember to connect with three important things: our soul, role and goal! 

Alex is a motivational speaker for life skills and home safety issues, an author and the co-founder of the National Kids Construction Club. He is currently a candidate for a Master of Science in Real Estate at the Kogod School of Business at American University. Alex welcomes your questions and the opportunity to speak to your organization. He can be reached at

I certainly think this sounds nice, but what exactly does this mean? To begin, Mitch has been in the consulting business for over 25 years, is a Baby Boomer and a recent Amazon number-one bestselling author of “The New Game of Selling.” Mitch believes we all have to adapt to the “new” game of selling and not stick to the “old” ways, before the digital age and the timeworn business culture of the past. “Our generation’s goal was to make a good living and take care of family,” said Mitch. “For Millennials that goal does not seem to be the end game. You want a role that serves your soul. You want less authority and more autonomy.”

While Mitch enjoys helping young adults better their understanding of successful selling, I focused on learning from his experiences as a mentor. Especially since his insight has been a great influencer in bridging the gap of understanding between his generation and mine.  

Not surprisingly, Mitch believes it remains important for my generation to connect with our parents' generation. “When I see a Millennial, I see my child. It's difficult to shed my parental paradigm. Parents walk a fine line between sharing our values with our children and demanding they be as we want them to be.” 

Mitch also understands that Millennials have different values. “We can learn a lot from each other. Although you have instant access to any information, you cannot get wisdom from Siri or experience from Google search,” he remarked. “There's great value in wisdom and experience ­– that like fine wine is enriched by time. Native tribes treasured their young, and they celebrated their elders. You are our future. We are your past. Today, we need to peacefully coexist in the present. It's up to all of us to build a bridge to create a better world for everyone.”

Mitch has many more words of wisdom to share as a mentor to me and others my age. “Think for yourself. Know yourself. Be true to yourself. Value yourself. Live your life. Listen to your soul. Play roles that express your talent and fulfill you. Set goals in alignment with your soul and role. Do your soul setting and role setting THEN do your goal setting. And finally, never elevate authority above autonomy. When given the choice between obeying your rules or someone else's or loving and serving yourself or others, love and serve yourself and others!”

Having a mentor like Mitch makes me realize that my generation has much to be thankful for in our parents. Such wisdom!  As Mitch explains, it's most fulfilling when you align your talent, skill and personality to your work. Know yourself (soul). Choose what you do (role). Value and get paid for what you bring to the marketplace (goal). Soul! Role! Goal!

“It's a whole NEW game!”

Mitch had many other great things to say, but a better resource is to check out his new book!