Seasonal Changes

Alex is a motivational speaker and advocate for lifestyle skills and home safety training, a free-lance journalist, and the co-founder of the National Kids Construction Club. He holds a Master of Science in Real Estate from American University’s Kogod School of Business. Alex welcomes your questions and the opportunity to speak to your organization. He can be reached at

The summer season serves not just as the best time for more outdoor relaxation and vacation fun, but often as a reflective period to effect positive change in one’s life. For some that might mean a new job or career direction and for others it may mean taking up an additional hobby or sport. It may also inspire the opportunity to revisit past mistakes or shortcomings and seek new ways to either apologize or reconcile. 

For many younger Millennials the transition to fall includes the return to college or graduate school. For those who have completed their schooling, it can be a very restless time, especially when trying to create a captivating resume and a persuasive interview. The labor market continues to be highly competitive for those seeking their best first job and the most rewarding new career opportunities. Unfortunately, Millennials constantly remain under fire from the media and the close eye of big analytics firms for the many life choices to be made. 

Recently, Pew Research discovered Millennials choose to stay in their parents’ home, making it look as though we don’t know how to control our destiny. Sadly, those living home probably can’t afford to move out. They may not have been able to find a fulfilling first job, internship or sustainable occupation in this continuing sluggish economy. Maybe their college debt doesn’t allow them to afford a place to live on their own. College expenses continue to increase each year. A good, 4-year, private college can cost over a quarter of a million dollars for tuition, room and board, but the expenses don’t end there. During college recess, those who want to stay competitive and secure the best jobs know it’s important to complete several good internships and include an international class or semester abroad. 

So consider not judging all Millennials too harshly until you truly understand that you can’t just judge by what you see or read about in the media. Did you know many graduates elect to work for non-profits for up to 10 years in exchange for reducing their college loans? Did you know many grads can’t find gainful employment and have no choice but to live at home? Many have set realistic goals in their lives only to find they simply can’t be reached. 

On the bright side, the future of Millennials continues to look better than ever. With breakthroughs in technology, anyone with access to the internet can more easily expand their repertoire. Go to YouTube and see myriad low-cost ways to advance your career, learn a new hobby or heal your mind and soul. In this time of transition from summer to fall, take a moment to reflect on how to motivate yourself in order to make life much more worthwhile. Take up that activity you’ve been putting off or make that business change with the many low-to-no cost educational/tutorial materials obtainable on-line. Most importantly, do what makes you happy now that you’ve had the less hectic days of summer to help move forward a new you!