The Tidy Balance - Why is it so hard to keep a home really clean?

by Alex Boughton

It probably goes without saying, but cleaning and keeping living spaces tidy can be tedious at times, especially for a working, socially active Millennial.

I can’t lie; I became a victim of laziness far too many times to count, especially during my college days. I recall the many dirty glasses and smelly dishes lying all around the living room and kitchen during the many houses and condos I shared with roommates. I believe many of us just don’t see the value or simply overlook the significance of maintaining a clean home. And when I say clean, it’s not just keeping the place spotless and organized, but making sure the home itself does not fall victim to disrepair. During my time with four other guys in a five bedroom home that I currently share, a few good nuggets of wisdom were bestowed upon me. I’d like to pass them along, especially for those who don’t believe cleanliness matters, because keeping your home clean really does create a lot of value, especially in the long-term.

One of the first big lessons learned after countless hours of washing dishes, cleaning floors, dusting and vacuuming: having a clean home helps you focus on the more important priorities in your life. For example, it’s been a long day, you’re back from work and the last thing on your mind is doing those dirty dishes. Solution: get in the habit of doing them before going to bed. Your mind won’t be as distracted in the event you’re trying to get a project from work done or some friends pop over unexpectedly. It also will make you less stressed out knowing that your house doesn’t have pests looking for the food left out or stains saturating into your furniture.

Another key take-away: it will actually save you time in the long run by having an organized home. I can’t tell you how often I’ve been under a time crunch and couldn’t find my favorite tie or the right pair of shoes because my room was a mess. Organizing your living space goes hand-in-hand with my previous point about prioritization. Whether it’s your bedroom, your kitchen or your living room, it will save you time in the long run to take a few moments and tidy the place up because chances are you’ll be in a rush at some point.

If you have kids or roommates, they are another essential reason for keeping your home tidy. By being clean and organized, you are setting the standard for cleanliness. By raising the bar higher and making your place cleaner, you’re not only promoting good behavior for your kids or roommates, but you’re prompting them to match the standards you’re living by, especially if they’re younger and look up to you.

Lastly, when scheduling your cleaning, be consistent. By adhering to a cleaning schedule, you will be able to hold yourself more accountable to keeping your living space in good shape. While not everyone has the same standard for what’s clean, finding a balance on what saves you time and maintains your home is the best route to keeping your living space viable for years to come.