Functional, unified space

Aladdin Remodelers takes cabinetry out of the kitchen

Michael Graziano, CKD, CBD, owner of Aladdin Remodelers in Massapequa Park, designed a wall unit and bar for this home to match the essence of the kitchen remodeled at the same time and unify the spaces. The wall unit has a built-in fireplace that Michael designed in coordination with The Fireplace Store in Seaford. The integration of the cabinetry and the fire box is quite evident.

The placement of the television as well as the design of the open and closed storage was determined by the needs of the client. Furniture placement and the arrangement of the wall unit allows for the enjoyment of the TV and the fireplace at the same time.

Photography by Steve Geraci/

The bar unit sits unobtrusively yet accessible in the corner of the room. Light streams through the incorporated existing window brightening the space. An under counter refrigerator is concealed with cabinetry and a sink provides for quick clean up. A glass rack, closed cabinets and open shelving provides sufficient storage. 

Stylish cabinetry isn’t just for the kitchen and bath. Aladdin has been providing custom cabinetry for other rooms of the house for many years. Furniture-quality cabinets can be used to carry a beautiful look throughout a home while upgrading under-used rooms into highly-functional spaces.