Your Life, Your Room. Your LifeRoom

You and your family are enjoying a relaxing day in the backyard, and then it happens.

The bugs start to swarm or the weather has taken a turn for the worse or the harsh sun has you squinting and sweating. What started as an enjoyable day outside has you wanting to run back inside. But then - at the push of a button - your backyard is yours again.

Introducing LifeRoom, from the home experts at Four Seasons. It’s the first home innovation that seamlessly brings together the best of indoor and outdoor living to let you enjoy whatever activity you choose, in whatever environment you choose. From exercising, dining and entertaining, to relaxing alone or with family and friends, LifeRoom transforms your backyard into a customized space that’s truly your own.

The unique Smooth Glide motorized screens of a LifeRoom can be individually raised and lowered to create your ideal environment – from a wide-open sanctuary to complete privacy – while offering protection from unwanted pests, weather conditions and UV rays. Those same screens are also designed to serve as an ideal surface for home theater projection, with the option to select screens designed to filter out pollen, dust and other airborne allergens. 

The LifeRoom LED lighting system lets you set the right mood for your activities, while the Cool Mist, radiant heat and Soft Breeze technologies give you year-round climate control.

Even more than an innovative way to extend your living space and increase the value of your home, the LifeRoom literally extends the quality and quantity of time you and your family can enjoy together.