Perimeter Edge Beauty by Gibbons Pools

This perimeter edge beauty was one of 14 awards won by Gibbons Pools from the Long Island Pool & Spa Association (see rest of award winners in "The Great Outdoors" section).

With its 360-degree perimeter overflow design, this pool provides a stunning mirror effect dramatically reflecting the surrounding foliage.

Coping in Zimbabwe block absolute granite is polished to a high gloss finish. Adding depth and enhancing the reflective quality, the interior finish is made up of dark stone imported from Australia. This stone was chosen for its very soft characteristic making it the best choice for foot comfort.

The sun ledge, a feature once exclusive to high end resorts, is the ideal spot to keep cool while lounging. Duck out of the sun and enjoy a beverage at the bar under the shade structure. The New York bluestone patio provides plenty of space to lounge, entertain and socialize.

Adding a unique element and striking visual effect, two fire bowls sit atop Westchester piers and are controlled via the cloud.

Totally maintenance free, the self-cleaning water quality system is completely cloud-controlled as well. LED lighting offers a rainbow of color choice to fit your mood which can be controlled right from your smart phone.

Incorporating sustainable, earth and pet-friendly materials, Gibbons Pools was recognized as a Top 50 Builder by Pool & Spa News.