Remodeling Your Life and Your Home


by Pamela Laurence

A man won the lottery – he did not change
All the wealth in the world could not make him happy.
All the riches could not buy him true friends.
All that money could not buy him health.
He had a mind that could not let him go.

Too often – far too often – maybe so often that there seems no other way, we allow our mind’s mind to get away from us to such a degree that the true “we” no longer seems to exist. My prayer for all of us is that we can see and know Truth and speak and act for the highest good of all. That we can recognize what is an illusion of an unfortunate, mad-capped mind belief system. Our minds are creative. Everything is of the mind first. Nothing can exist before it is a thought first in someone’s mind – your mind – you are the creator of your world. Your mind is a very, VERY powerful tool. You can renovate your home as in your heart – as within so without.

Imagine your life laid out around you with you sitting in the center of your home. You may find that the center of your home is a toilet or maybe a stairway or wall. Take a moment to bless that center in whatever way you can, imagine and honor that this center space is a mirror of your own personal center. Though life is life and things happen, this center of you (in this case your home) never changes. You may even want to mark it with a heavy object such as a stone.

Look at your front door (your mouth) – how you get into your home. The entrance to your home is like your face. Is it bright and loving? Is it healthy and inviting? Or, does it hide behind overgrown trees and have a walkway that blocks good from entering?

Do you design a home where there is too much air over your head where you cannot feel grounded and are always looking for a way to get cozy? Do you design a home where you feel stifled and smothered and cannot seem to get on with your life? Look for a balance. We all need wide-open spaces where we feel free and expansive but we also need to cocoon at times. See if you can build both types of rooms into your home.

Design your kitchen with the thought of health in mind. If you eat well, you will be strong and healthy to do your work and take care of your family. Try to keep to a palette of healthy white shades, which in this case allow the foods to shine.

It is best to keep bathrooms, and especially toilets, out of view because of the downward pull of energy that could, after time, create a drain on your health. Design your bathrooms to be uplifting and beautiful. Work with lighting, color and texture to create a natural feeling.

Make the path (hallways) to your bedrooms serene and peaceful, where you can slowly drop the day away with all of its disrupting thoughts. When you walk into your bedroom you want to create a safe “cave” where you can sleep in peace without interference from the outside world.

Your house is your home – a place where you lay wide-open to the world your inner self. You can make your home anything you want it to be reflecting the inner you and you can build your home to support you on your life’s journey. Build in a tree or build out in a field. You do not have to have a living room, make it the playroom your dance studio. Just know that from one metaphysical perspective, your home is a reflection of you and your life – where it was, where it is and where it is going. On the other side (consider the yin/yang ) your home also affects you and your life. Just like people begin to look like their dogs after a few years (or even their close friends and spouse) – you can begin to take on energies of your home if you are not aware. That could be a good thing or not. Enjoy your home no matter its size or location – for you truly are at home wherever you are.

When we look at our homes using the ancient tool of Feng Shui, we are looking at our own personal lives. Our homes are a reflection of each of us – you could say that our homes represent the inner expressions of our own soul. Our homes allow the Spirit of Joy to surround us and run in and through us when we are aware of that Spirit and join in union with It. If we want to renovate or change our lives, a good place to start is to change or renovate the home where you live.

The abundance of the Universe – Learn from your garden

By Pamela Laurence

When we tightly pray with desperation

And limit our vision,

We fail to hear – we fail to see

We fail to breathe a natural breath.

Nothing real comes of this.

When we notice we are caught in this self-man-made model thinking

It is then to remember – I say, “Go into the woods, sweet Pam,

Walk along the beach or take deep into the gardens!” 

It is here and now that the connection is made to the unseen worlds of Power and Creation. They present all around me.  

In fact, I let go of the me of my face and any attachments and specific desires.  

For it is here that communication is a communion.  

All conversations lie beyond the furthest reaches of the Universe - closer than the most delicate, sweetest scent of a flower.  

A quiet joy – a full heart of thankfulness. –  

The healing begins with alignment of mind, body and soul.

The Universe is abundant – we only have to recognize this to never feel any lack in our lives again. My advice, go to your gardens for metaphysical, spiritual lessons ­– those that you may not even obtain at your local mosque, church or synagogue. There are many secrets of the Universe, which are universal to us all. When known – truly known – they are not secrets anymore. And once you know them…well, you will see. 

Joie de vivre: Notice how many different plants, weeds, trees and shrubs that there are. Many variations on each breed. There are natural hybrids. Learn that even though you may have a thought in mind as to how you want something done or what kind of turnout you want for your problem or situation, note the Universe will provide. It cannot help but provide for it is creative and your mind/thought is its creative spark and avenue. 

Abundance: Each plant, flower, tree, watermelon has an abundance of seeds to produce over a hundred times the one you hold in your hand. So it is with you; you have an abundance of opportunity, an abundance of helpful people, an abundance of ways and means to achieve your goal. Do not think that there is only one way. The sunflowers drop their seeds. The birds fly away with many. The squirrels take some too for their late fall meals. The winds carry some, others fall to the ground. Next spring there are ten times as many sunflowers growing – abundance – it is all there for our joy and everlasting love. Do not limit yourself. Never is a path straight and narrow unless it is man-made. Follow your path – your goal – knowing that your path may twist and turn at times. Even your goal may be presented to you to change. Yet know the Universe always guides you to your highest good. It is always bringing you forward with abundant and most successful ways for your expression – your seeds to share. 

Work and Satisfaction: It takes work to have a beautiful garden. You will sweat, you may curse and cut yourself on a thorn, you will get dirty, your back will ache and you will wish you never started. This is also true in life; any goal you have will, at times, take its toll on you. Yet the satisfaction of success – whatever that personal success may be to you – is priceless. You will feel a satisfaction and self worth that holds you erect as the tallest sunflower. Each flower is different in height, shape, color and scent. Each is beautiful in its own right – even the prickly cactus of the desert blooms in the spring more amazing than a tropical flower. Know you are beautiful. 

Sharing: Watch the birds, butterflies, squirrels and chipmunks as well as the deer, turkey and moose. They share the woods and gardens with the plants and trees. And the plants and trees share themselves to the others and each other.  

Honoring the four elements of Earth, Wind, Water and Fire: All plants bend with the breeze and go with the flow. They adjust to the place where they grow. 

Rebirth: When it is their time, they wilt and die. Observe how they let go. There is a beauty; a right order to it all. It is not an acceptance – it is a way. A right order for new birth – continued life.

I suggest that you take a time-out. Sit quietly. Feel your life force flowing throughout you and that of your garden. Look outside yourself to your quiet surroundings as if you are not separate. Expect nothing; observe with out judging; do not call anything beautiful, lovely, hot or cold ­– just see and feel what is. See what is there without you. Trust that soon you will see. Soon, maybe after days of this practice, you will know the secrets of the Universe.

Where Mermaids Love to Swim

Pamela Laurence of Face Your Self offers professional training, coaching and consultations in healthy lifestyles. Contact her at

Pamela Laurence of Face Your Self offers professional training, coaching and consultations in healthy lifestyles. Contact her at

To dive into a fresh water pond
And feel the freedom of weightlessness.
Ah yes!
To imagine the cleanse of mind of all disturbances
And know in your heart the reality of joy.
Ah yes!
To know that serenity
Of the breath is being one with the One.

If you are lucky enough to be able to create an area on your property where a pool/spa may be installed – consider not just a pool -– consider creating a Garden of Eden. Allow the foliage, smells of the flowers, the colors of the pathways, the shape. Imagine and muse as to what your pool area would look like and could mean to you on all levels of your mind, body and soul. Remember, all is of the mind; everything is a thought at first – you are the creator. All that has been invented, created, and appears, was at one point a thought in someone’s mind. Don’t limit yourself, allow yourself to let go of past hurts and thoughts that you do not deserve or that you cannot afford. Take the time to “play” with ideas and thoughts and possibilities of what your ideal pool and spa area would be like if you could create anything. Start there. Do not limit your imagination.

You may want to start with the shape of the pool. Do you see yourself in a rectangle, oval or square? Is the pool you imagine an irregular shape? There are no right or wrong answers in this exercise. The point is to feel what somehow feels right to you. Do not worry. Sketch it out on a piece of paper – make several sketches if you need to.

Take a walk around your property to find the best location for your Garden of Eden. Take into consideration the lay of the land, building codes (which a professional can help you with when the time comes) and any view from your home. It would be ideal if you can see your special place from your home so that you may have that added beauty to reflect upon through your windows. Equally, it may be brilliant to have this area tucked away in a private place on your property.

Imagine what kind of vegetation you would have around your pool. You do not need to know the special names of the trees, plants and flowers -– in your sketch, just fill in the “feeling” of what you may want. Color? Shade? Privacy? Of course, if you know what plants you love – jot them down!

Think, too, of the lighting. I remember the campfires across the Niger River in Mali in West Africa. I was there for a month on an art scholarship and grant through Drew University. There was no electricity in the areas I lived. What struck me as so beautiful were the campfires that came on one by one across the river in the villages. There was a serenity and beauty that joined the night sky as it darkened and allowed the stars to shine. The fires of the campfires matched the stars above. The universal law of As Above, So Below was demonstrated once again so clearly.

Do you see a waterfall? Do you see big boulders that remind you of deep forest pools and rivers? Do you see flat rocks? Stepping-stones that warm the toes? What kind of finish do you see around your pool? Ask yourself where you can climb in and out of your pool. How would you do that? It is all good. Let your imagination do its job – open yourself to the universal mind of your good.

Remember that it is my suggestion to do all of this imagination and musing before you speak to a professional. Professionals have many great ideas and certainly are familiar with which materials and finishes would be good for your pool and spa area; however, they are not you! Give them something to work with. You can always adjust in size, budget, etc. I feel that if you have some idea of what you would visualize in your heart, then you can convey this to a professional and together create an area that is perfect in all ways to fit your budget and property.


Kitchen Design and the "F" Word - Feng Shui

I am what I eat – what I see, feel and taste.
All send messages to my vibrational self –
Lifting or weighing down that which is my health.
The tones of my reality either ring true
in natural alignment with the stars if the Universe
Or, my mind’s creations destroy that which is good.

Pamela Laurence of Face Your Self®, offers professional training, coaching and consultations in healthy lifestyles. Contact her at

Pamela Laurence of Face Your Self®, offers professional training, coaching and consultations in healthy lifestyles. Contact her at

If you eat well, you are healthy and strong enough to take care of your family and go to work. That ensures that you and your family are prosperous and will have good fortune.

So is the thinking in feng shui philosophy. Ask yourself if you eat in haste or under stress. Do you have a safe and comfortable place to cook so your joy enters the foods you prepare, which nourishes you and your loved ones on a cellular level? When you sit at your kitchen table, what do you see? How do you feel? What do you think? Food supplies us with our life force energy. The kitchen is a room in your home that has a powerful impact on your health, vitality and your wealth.   

It is suggested in feng shui not to have the kitchen be the first room you see when you enter your home. The thinking goes – and it makes sense – that when you see your kitchen first as you walk into your home, on a subtle level, food will always be subconsciously on your mind day after day. This could eventually lead to eating disorders in the family such as overeating, eating unhealthy foods or even bulimia. It is also suggested to try to situate your kitchen so that it does not share a wall with a bathroom or even have a view of a bathroom. Having a bathroom in view or having a bathroom sharing a wall with the kitchen can metaphorically and subconsciously deplete the life-giving forces of the nourishing cooking and eating of your meals.

When choosing a dining table, try to choose a round or oval shape table which symbolizes good blessings and fairness – no one is sitting at the head of the table. Have an even number of chairs; even numbers are more balanced than the odd man out chair. Even if you live alone, avoid having just one chair which  might symbolize loneliness.

Placing your table out of the direct line of any entryway into the kitchen provides a more stable eating environment. The table should also remain uncluttered with some flowers or bowl of fruit and vegetables in the center to represent abundance and health – which actually can mirror for you the center of your healthy being.

Ideally you would want to design stove placement so that it is not cramped or stuck into a corner and does not have a back door by it where the cold winds of winter may chill the hot soup! Of course, make sure your stove area is well lit and ventilated. It is also advisable to not have oppressive overhanging pots, shelves or microwave ovens over your stove.

Remember that even though you do shape your environment,  if you are not aware, your environment also shapes and affects you. Tune into what shapes, textures, colors and artwork are around you. See if you can take a moment and ask yourself how they truly affect you and make you feel. Artwork in the kitchen should reflect bounty, peace, love and joy. Remember that you want to surround yourself with images and accessories which will nourish you and comfort your digestion, not make you nauseous and ill feeling.

I often suggest whites, greens, or earth tones for the color of kitchens. White is a color of purity and cleanliness in our country and it allows the beautiful color of the foods to shine on your plate. Green is a color that reflects new growth, your gardens, family values and abundance and earth tones give a grounding feeling. Of course color is subjective and everyone has a favorite color. I suggest that you be mindful of the colors you choose and how they aid and support you and your family in your cooking and eating experience.

We are fed and nourished not only by the food we eat but also by all our senses. Avoid televisions and newspapers while you eat. When you eat, eat – be present with those you dine; leave the cellphones and iPads in another room. Give thanks to your gods of grace. Allow yourself to be joyous and thankful for your abundant plates of food and know that you really are what you eat.


Restoration: Home Improvements

Pamela Laurence is a healer. She is a leading holistic lifestyle educator. Pamela can be reached at or

Pamela Laurence is a healer. She is a leading holistic lifestyle educator. Pamela can be reached at or

by Pamela Laurence

I am on my way to Restoration
My Heart and mind are clearing – back to what I Am.
The walls, ceilings and floors that held in toxins are broken down
        thrown into the dumpster of fire. Buried in the Earth.
Heavy thoughts of sadness and fear that rested in mirrors around my life
        are tossed away – no more need for that!
Fresh winds blow through the open spaces – through the windows of my mind’s home.
Ancient rocks and bricks of stone are founding partners
        with the bones which hold up my body.
That which I have always loved remains
Just so!

Restoration – it is the promise of the word; it is the hope of humanity. It is in the childhood innocence of “do over.” Restoration – a beautiful thought of refresh; everything is new again, rebuilt on a foundation of everlasting love. When you face your home you are, in reality, facing yourself. The ancient teachings of feng shui stress how our homes are a reflection of ourselves. That is why you want to be mindful of your home and how it affects you. So, if you are seeing a need for home improvements, stop a moment and meditate on what would be the perfect improvement that would support your natural being – that would support the restoration of your mind, body and home.

Certainly you would choose to work with materials and finishes that are not toxic to you – materials and finishes that do not off-gas and poison the interior air quality of your home. Ask your builder to use environmental and healthy building products.

Let go of old couches, lamps that have had their day. Do not try to design and make home improvements with the idea of saving something that is stained, cracked, chipped, tattered or simply worn out. This would be like holding onto a grudge or a hate, which would only poison your own life; bless it all and release it. Give away books, dishes and towels that others may enjoy but for you…they will not restore you. Take this time for the growth opportunity – refresh.

Look at your lifestyle; know how you and your family live your life. How you move, how you relax, how you eat and sleep. Do not renovate for show – make your renovation truly a lifestyle and personal change. Do this for your own health.

Maybe the face of your house needs a facelift. Look to replace old windows and doors that creak and leak. You may notice that your eyes and your joints will feel better too once new ones are installed. Having to live with broken, stuck windows and doors day after day will mirror to you more strongly your own personal aches and pains and vision situations.

In your renovation, do not forget the environment outside your home. Your landscaping is just as important as that of your house. As without, so within. Trees are wonderful yet they can take your energy away if they have overgrown, blocking your pathways to your front door. Trees that could fall on your home in a storm may also need to be pruned or cut down – living in fear of that is not a way to live.

Some people like warm, cozy rooms where they can curl up and feel protected, some people love large, high ceilinged rooms where they may feel grand and powerful. The reality is that everybody needs both – the yin/yang of life. There are times when we all need to have our protected cave – a time to recharge. Then, there are times where we all feel we need the light of the day – a place to dance, twirl and be full of life.

If you want true restoration – a home to call your own – you need to get out of your own past-programed mind; past old thoughts that may not be doing you any good at this point in your life. You want to see what TRULY is. This may take some work. Daily meditation is a very good tool. Do not fall into the pattern of picking out trendy things that may look popular today but will be dated tomorrow. Once your programmed mind is set aside, you will see with your eyes and hear with your ears what is right for you!

Your house is a symbol, a metaphor, a reflection of you. Both your physical and your mental body are reflected in your home. You do not want to live in a house of bondage – trapped in a home that is fearful and ridged. You want to live in a heavenly house; one where your soul and your heart can live naturally and free. Aim for a house of peace and respect and enjoy restoring your life and home. My hope for you: all joy will be restored to you; you will not be afraid anymore. You must have hope and follow your heart. You can restore anything and your children will rejoice!



End of Year Chi Lift - Hire a Designer

Pamela Laurence is a healer. She is a leading holistic lifestyle educator. She can be reached at or

Pamela Laurence is a healer. She is a leading holistic lifestyle educator. She can be reached at or

by Pamela Laurence

At the end of our year in the northern hemisphere, the light from our sun shortens our day as the Earth’s axis turns away from the sun. Darkness fills most of our day. As we age too, our families grow and children are no longer children – they have lives and goals of their own. Good friends of a lifetime start dying. Parents leave the planet or become aged and some in need of extra care. Marriages may become stale. You, yourself, may begin to experience aches and pains you never had before, both physically and mentally. You may ask yourself – “Is this it!? Is this what I can expect the rest of my life to be until the day I die?”  The answer is, “Well, no…”

You need a chi lift! Everyone does from time to time – even young ones and teenagers. Dark days can lead us to feel gloomy after awhile – As Without, So Within. Life may get to us from time to time. We may begin to feel down and out and experience the winter of our soul; sometimes even in the summer of our calendar year. It is quite natural to go through these moods. Remember, what looks like a bad thing may actually be a good thing. Sometimes these moods may be a way for you to re-access your life and goals. The key is to face them and not go into avoidance mode such as taking some form of alcohol or drugs, eating out of control, going on an unnecessary shopping spree, having an affair, becoming grumpy, gossiping about other people to make you feel better about yourself – or whatever your choice of avoidance may be.

Once you Face Your Self® – an unafraid look at what and where these feelings of doom and gloom are coming from – then and only then can you do something about them. Of course you cannot change the aging rate of yourself, family and friends and you cannot make a rainy, snowy day into a hot summer day unless you get on a plane and fly south – or north – depending on which hemisphere you live in. Life is life and things happen.

You can, though, change your perspective and brighten your surroundings. You can come to an acceptance that is in full awareness, so that the choices you make are fully intentional and not because you’re wildly grasping at straws to make a reality go away. And sometimes, once you Face Your Self,® what appeared as a reality actually is not.

Hire a designer! Find a teacher and bring your problems and obstacles to someone other than yourself. A designer can take a walk around your home and make suggestions to you as to how to update your home. Often, I will see people living in a home that has not been updated in 20 years! This can be most depressing, for often it reflects a person (usually it is just one person who is in control of the home) who cannot or will not move on.

Most designers and decorators are upbeat people; they love their work and love to move furniture, pick out new fabrics, colors and freshen a room for your current life. They bring joy and happiness to your door just by showing up! They also can push you a little out of your old comfort zone. They are well versed in lighting and its affects on a room and human lifestyle. Designers are masters of color and how color too can affect your moods. Allow your designer to become your therapist and friend – you will have fun and not become depressed dwelling on past upsets and about how sad you are. Of course you want to honor your past; however, remember that the past is the past. Your life is only as healthy as you are. Remember, your home reflects you! Enjoy the process of brightening up your life with new life. Walk forth!


To Bathe in Health

Pamela Laurence is a healer. She is a leading holistic lifestyle educator. She can be reached at or Pamela@faceyourself

Pamela Laurence is a healer.
She is a leading holistic lifestyle educator. She can be reached at or Pamela@faceyourself

By Pamela Laurence

Imagine a private, special place with a warm, secret pool and waterfall where you bathe your tired body. A place with a stone niche nearby holding natural flowers, roots and oils you use to cleanse and nourish your body, mind and soul. Imagine, too, the soft sounds of happy birds and a faint, fresh breeze which touches your heart as you gaze into your reflecting pond allowing your mind’s thoughts to drift away.

Imagine as you step from your secret spa, you dry and wrap yourself with the warmth of the soft, absorbent cloth that you left hanging in a nearby spot. Your feet are secure and grounded on the earth. Refreshed and in balance again, you move aside the door of branches - joyfully ready to face the world recharged.

What is your bathroom like? Is it a room where you care to spend relaxed, unhurried time or is it a place to get into, do your business and get out? When you shower or bathe, do you do it as a chore such as taking out the garbage? Is there harsh lighting or florescent light casting a blue pallor over your skin? Do you feel cramped and unable to move comfortably in your bathroom space?

Most bathrooms have the toilet right next to the tub or sink. If I had my choice, I would put toilets and bidets in separate rooms off the “bath” room, for I see two completely separate functions here. Elimination is a normal, healthy body function where we release and let go, yet why do we have to have it in our face while we bathe? The toilet is quite a downward energy drain that when seen from tubs, showers or the hallways of our home can, on a subtle level, pull our energy down. I advise you to put a small screen in front of the toilet if there is space to screen it off from view.

At least keep your door to the bathroom closed, especially if you sleep in a room with the bathroom in view from your bed. A fun solution to the downward energy pull of the toilet is to place an object on the toilet tank that represents explosive energy such as a jar of un-popped popcorn or an unopened bottle of champagne, which will, on an unseen energy scale, counterbalance the energy drain.

I see showers, bathtubs and hot tubs as places for meditation, nurturing and wonderful sensuality as well as cleansing (this may be because I am more of a water personality). It is lovely to sit in your tub and feel the water cascading down upon you from the showerheads, washing the day away. There is nothing better than being bathed and lovingly sponged by a loved one - either a mother bathing a child or as lovers bathing each other. There are so many wonderful tubs and shower stalls to choose from. Pick colors that can reflect a soothing scene for you and sizes that fit your body (bodies) and budget. Chances are you drink a lot of bottled water with mindfulness toward your health. Your skin absorbs water too. Get your water checked and add a filter system if needed.

If you are feeling angry or fiery, take a shower or bath. Water puts out fire; bathing will calm you down! A real luxury is to have a hot tub outside in your garden where you can relax and watch the movie of the sky and treetops during all seasons.

Mirrors add to your reflection ponds. However, be mindful of what else the mirror is reflecting - the toilet? the dirty laundry pile? a corner of the moldy wallpaper? Speaking of mold - stay away from carpeting your bathroom floor. Choose a ceramic or stone/marble floor; just be careful of slipping on some of these surfaces when wet.

Ventilation is important in a bathroom. The best choice would be an old fashioned window that can be opened to let in the fresh air. Many ventilation fans are so assaulting to the senses making such a loud racket that you could never relax with that sound; feeling that perhaps, you too, will be sucked up into the vast unknown of the venting system.

I see sinks as nurturing areas where we can brush our teeth, wash our hands and shave. Freestanding sinks are very pretty yet don’t allow space around them for the tools of the trade, i.e. toothbrush, cups, shaving stuff, soap, washcloth and makeup. Beauty is important but function is even more important from a design perspective. Combining beauty and function is the quest. Surround yourself with natural sponges, candles, scented oils, sea salts and special goblets for wine or pure water.

Bathrooms can become your private getaway and nourishing spa. They are rooms to bathe and refresh your soul - allow the flow of the water’s cleansing properties to wash over you. I invite you to create sensual bathrooms and enjoy the art of bathing for yourself and your loved ones.

Living with Nature Spirits

by Pamela Laurence

Pamela Laurence is a healer. She is a leading holistic lifestyle educator. She can be reached at or Pamela@faceyourself.

Pamela Laurence is a healer. She is a leading holistic lifestyle educator. She can be reached at or Pamela@faceyourself.

Beloved elf and fairy
Jump and dance around
The trees and plants obliging
Not a care to be found.
The sunlight warms the clover
The rain puddles on the rose
Together the elf and fairy play,
As the gardens grow.


How does your garden grow? What is growing in your garden? Where does your garden grow? To live in balance with nature – that is our goal; that is our birthright! After all, we are natural beings. When we live in tune with the natural forces of our planet, we live a life of ease. Despite our fast-paced computer age, how many natural ways do you surround yourself? Or it might be easier to ask yourself how many artificial ways you surround yourself; artificial light, poor air quality, artificial flowers, foods, materials and surfaces. Look at your home as another layer of your skin. What is natural in your home?

Bring some fresh flowers to your dining table and to your nightstand. Cut them from your own gardens. The true scent and pure color of a real flowers have so much more life force and healthy vibrations to offer you over artificial plants and man-made aerosol or plug-in scents. Real flowers will aid in your digestion and sooth your sleep vs. that of an artificial flowers. Plus, you can also call upon the spirit of the flower to bless you and fill you with its essence of joy and serene beauty. Plants are very much alive and speak. They have a presence and a personality just as a pet or a person. Observe their color and shape; look closely and listen. There is one life force that flows in and through everything. By knowing this, plants can become a tool aiding your health and wellbeing.  

Try placing a plant in the center of your home or in a room with the intention to create a breath of vital, healthy life, thereby setting up a resonance between you and the plant. Plants pick up on your energy – that is why those who spend time talking and relating to their plants generally have happier and healthier plants and live a more relaxed life.

When you look to design your gardens or landscape, I invite you to start from your front door – standing from the inside! Open your door and windows and imagine what you would like to see each morning when you leave home. What plants and trees would you like to have greet you, inspire you and lift your energy for the day? Create a magical path to walk upon as you leave your home. Try to avoid getting into your car through your garage where you don’t experience fresh air, or any radiant faces of happy flowers and the fresh smells of nature. Too easily and for too many years, our society has been aimed toward technological development, which is not totally a bad thing. But, like everything else in life, we need balance.

There may be days when you need not experience the outdoors. With more and more roads, indoor parking lots, malls and office buildings, we are beginning to feel the effects of this imbalance, through stress related and immune type diseases. Trees remove gases, restore and supply oxygen, improve air and water quality, make topsoil, circulate moisture, reverse industrial impacts and offer a nice shade on a hot summer day. We need clean air to fill our lungs to breathe and survive. The Earth needs trees, which act like the planet’s lungs, to freshen the air we breathe. I encourage you to plant trees and shrubs – as many as you can. Support environmental programs and honor the nature spirits of air, wood, water and fire. If the trees don’t thrive and live a healthy, happy life, the nature spirits will not be able to dance and play and then “we” may go away.