End of Year Chi Lift - Hire a Designer

Pamela Laurence is a healer. She is a leading holistic lifestyle educator. She can be reached at faceyourself.com or Pamela@faceyourself.com.

Pamela Laurence is a healer. She is a leading holistic lifestyle educator. She can be reached at faceyourself.com or Pamela@faceyourself.com.

by Pamela Laurence

At the end of our year in the northern hemisphere, the light from our sun shortens our day as the Earth’s axis turns away from the sun. Darkness fills most of our day. As we age too, our families grow and children are no longer children – they have lives and goals of their own. Good friends of a lifetime start dying. Parents leave the planet or become aged and some in need of extra care. Marriages may become stale. You, yourself, may begin to experience aches and pains you never had before, both physically and mentally. You may ask yourself – “Is this it!? Is this what I can expect the rest of my life to be until the day I die?”  The answer is, “Well, no…”

You need a chi lift! Everyone does from time to time – even young ones and teenagers. Dark days can lead us to feel gloomy after awhile – As Without, So Within. Life may get to us from time to time. We may begin to feel down and out and experience the winter of our soul; sometimes even in the summer of our calendar year. It is quite natural to go through these moods. Remember, what looks like a bad thing may actually be a good thing. Sometimes these moods may be a way for you to re-access your life and goals. The key is to face them and not go into avoidance mode such as taking some form of alcohol or drugs, eating out of control, going on an unnecessary shopping spree, having an affair, becoming grumpy, gossiping about other people to make you feel better about yourself – or whatever your choice of avoidance may be.

Once you Face Your Self® – an unafraid look at what and where these feelings of doom and gloom are coming from – then and only then can you do something about them. Of course you cannot change the aging rate of yourself, family and friends and you cannot make a rainy, snowy day into a hot summer day unless you get on a plane and fly south – or north – depending on which hemisphere you live in. Life is life and things happen.

You can, though, change your perspective and brighten your surroundings. You can come to an acceptance that is in full awareness, so that the choices you make are fully intentional and not because you’re wildly grasping at straws to make a reality go away. And sometimes, once you Face Your Self,® what appeared as a reality actually is not.

Hire a designer! Find a teacher and bring your problems and obstacles to someone other than yourself. A designer can take a walk around your home and make suggestions to you as to how to update your home. Often, I will see people living in a home that has not been updated in 20 years! This can be most depressing, for often it reflects a person (usually it is just one person who is in control of the home) who cannot or will not move on.

Most designers and decorators are upbeat people; they love their work and love to move furniture, pick out new fabrics, colors and freshen a room for your current life. They bring joy and happiness to your door just by showing up! They also can push you a little out of your old comfort zone. They are well versed in lighting and its affects on a room and human lifestyle. Designers are masters of color and how color too can affect your moods. Allow your designer to become your therapist and friend – you will have fun and not become depressed dwelling on past upsets and about how sad you are. Of course you want to honor your past; however, remember that the past is the past. Your life is only as healthy as you are. Remember, your home reflects you! Enjoy the process of brightening up your life with new life. Walk forth!