Living with Nature Spirits

by Pamela Laurence

Pamela Laurence is a healer. She is a leading holistic lifestyle educator. She can be reached at or Pamela@faceyourself.

Pamela Laurence is a healer. She is a leading holistic lifestyle educator. She can be reached at or Pamela@faceyourself.

Beloved elf and fairy
Jump and dance around
The trees and plants obliging
Not a care to be found.
The sunlight warms the clover
The rain puddles on the rose
Together the elf and fairy play,
As the gardens grow.


How does your garden grow? What is growing in your garden? Where does your garden grow? To live in balance with nature – that is our goal; that is our birthright! After all, we are natural beings. When we live in tune with the natural forces of our planet, we live a life of ease. Despite our fast-paced computer age, how many natural ways do you surround yourself? Or it might be easier to ask yourself how many artificial ways you surround yourself; artificial light, poor air quality, artificial flowers, foods, materials and surfaces. Look at your home as another layer of your skin. What is natural in your home?

Bring some fresh flowers to your dining table and to your nightstand. Cut them from your own gardens. The true scent and pure color of a real flowers have so much more life force and healthy vibrations to offer you over artificial plants and man-made aerosol or plug-in scents. Real flowers will aid in your digestion and sooth your sleep vs. that of an artificial flowers. Plus, you can also call upon the spirit of the flower to bless you and fill you with its essence of joy and serene beauty. Plants are very much alive and speak. They have a presence and a personality just as a pet or a person. Observe their color and shape; look closely and listen. There is one life force that flows in and through everything. By knowing this, plants can become a tool aiding your health and wellbeing.  

Try placing a plant in the center of your home or in a room with the intention to create a breath of vital, healthy life, thereby setting up a resonance between you and the plant. Plants pick up on your energy – that is why those who spend time talking and relating to their plants generally have happier and healthier plants and live a more relaxed life.

When you look to design your gardens or landscape, I invite you to start from your front door – standing from the inside! Open your door and windows and imagine what you would like to see each morning when you leave home. What plants and trees would you like to have greet you, inspire you and lift your energy for the day? Create a magical path to walk upon as you leave your home. Try to avoid getting into your car through your garage where you don’t experience fresh air, or any radiant faces of happy flowers and the fresh smells of nature. Too easily and for too many years, our society has been aimed toward technological development, which is not totally a bad thing. But, like everything else in life, we need balance.

There may be days when you need not experience the outdoors. With more and more roads, indoor parking lots, malls and office buildings, we are beginning to feel the effects of this imbalance, through stress related and immune type diseases. Trees remove gases, restore and supply oxygen, improve air and water quality, make topsoil, circulate moisture, reverse industrial impacts and offer a nice shade on a hot summer day. We need clean air to fill our lungs to breathe and survive. The Earth needs trees, which act like the planet’s lungs, to freshen the air we breathe. I encourage you to plant trees and shrubs – as many as you can. Support environmental programs and honor the nature spirits of air, wood, water and fire. If the trees don’t thrive and live a healthy, happy life, the nature spirits will not be able to dance and play and then “we” may go away.