Restoration: Home Improvements

Pamela Laurence is a healer. She is a leading holistic lifestyle educator. Pamela can be reached at or

Pamela Laurence is a healer. She is a leading holistic lifestyle educator. Pamela can be reached at or

by Pamela Laurence

I am on my way to Restoration
My Heart and mind are clearing – back to what I Am.
The walls, ceilings and floors that held in toxins are broken down
        thrown into the dumpster of fire. Buried in the Earth.
Heavy thoughts of sadness and fear that rested in mirrors around my life
        are tossed away – no more need for that!
Fresh winds blow through the open spaces – through the windows of my mind’s home.
Ancient rocks and bricks of stone are founding partners
        with the bones which hold up my body.
That which I have always loved remains
Just so!

Restoration – it is the promise of the word; it is the hope of humanity. It is in the childhood innocence of “do over.” Restoration – a beautiful thought of refresh; everything is new again, rebuilt on a foundation of everlasting love. When you face your home you are, in reality, facing yourself. The ancient teachings of feng shui stress how our homes are a reflection of ourselves. That is why you want to be mindful of your home and how it affects you. So, if you are seeing a need for home improvements, stop a moment and meditate on what would be the perfect improvement that would support your natural being – that would support the restoration of your mind, body and home.

Certainly you would choose to work with materials and finishes that are not toxic to you – materials and finishes that do not off-gas and poison the interior air quality of your home. Ask your builder to use environmental and healthy building products.

Let go of old couches, lamps that have had their day. Do not try to design and make home improvements with the idea of saving something that is stained, cracked, chipped, tattered or simply worn out. This would be like holding onto a grudge or a hate, which would only poison your own life; bless it all and release it. Give away books, dishes and towels that others may enjoy but for you…they will not restore you. Take this time for the growth opportunity – refresh.

Look at your lifestyle; know how you and your family live your life. How you move, how you relax, how you eat and sleep. Do not renovate for show – make your renovation truly a lifestyle and personal change. Do this for your own health.

Maybe the face of your house needs a facelift. Look to replace old windows and doors that creak and leak. You may notice that your eyes and your joints will feel better too once new ones are installed. Having to live with broken, stuck windows and doors day after day will mirror to you more strongly your own personal aches and pains and vision situations.

In your renovation, do not forget the environment outside your home. Your landscaping is just as important as that of your house. As without, so within. Trees are wonderful yet they can take your energy away if they have overgrown, blocking your pathways to your front door. Trees that could fall on your home in a storm may also need to be pruned or cut down – living in fear of that is not a way to live.

Some people like warm, cozy rooms where they can curl up and feel protected, some people love large, high ceilinged rooms where they may feel grand and powerful. The reality is that everybody needs both – the yin/yang of life. There are times when we all need to have our protected cave – a time to recharge. Then, there are times where we all feel we need the light of the day – a place to dance, twirl and be full of life.

If you want true restoration – a home to call your own – you need to get out of your own past-programed mind; past old thoughts that may not be doing you any good at this point in your life. You want to see what TRULY is. This may take some work. Daily meditation is a very good tool. Do not fall into the pattern of picking out trendy things that may look popular today but will be dated tomorrow. Once your programmed mind is set aside, you will see with your eyes and hear with your ears what is right for you!

Your house is a symbol, a metaphor, a reflection of you. Both your physical and your mental body are reflected in your home. You do not want to live in a house of bondage – trapped in a home that is fearful and ridged. You want to live in a heavenly house; one where your soul and your heart can live naturally and free. Aim for a house of peace and respect and enjoy restoring your life and home. My hope for you: all joy will be restored to you; you will not be afraid anymore. You must have hope and follow your heart. You can restore anything and your children will rejoice!