Remodeling Your Life and Your Home


by Pamela Laurence

A man won the lottery – he did not change
All the wealth in the world could not make him happy.
All the riches could not buy him true friends.
All that money could not buy him health.
He had a mind that could not let him go.

Too often – far too often – maybe so often that there seems no other way, we allow our mind’s mind to get away from us to such a degree that the true “we” no longer seems to exist. My prayer for all of us is that we can see and know Truth and speak and act for the highest good of all. That we can recognize what is an illusion of an unfortunate, mad-capped mind belief system. Our minds are creative. Everything is of the mind first. Nothing can exist before it is a thought first in someone’s mind – your mind – you are the creator of your world. Your mind is a very, VERY powerful tool. You can renovate your home as in your heart – as within so without.

Imagine your life laid out around you with you sitting in the center of your home. You may find that the center of your home is a toilet or maybe a stairway or wall. Take a moment to bless that center in whatever way you can, imagine and honor that this center space is a mirror of your own personal center. Though life is life and things happen, this center of you (in this case your home) never changes. You may even want to mark it with a heavy object such as a stone.

Look at your front door (your mouth) – how you get into your home. The entrance to your home is like your face. Is it bright and loving? Is it healthy and inviting? Or, does it hide behind overgrown trees and have a walkway that blocks good from entering?

Do you design a home where there is too much air over your head where you cannot feel grounded and are always looking for a way to get cozy? Do you design a home where you feel stifled and smothered and cannot seem to get on with your life? Look for a balance. We all need wide-open spaces where we feel free and expansive but we also need to cocoon at times. See if you can build both types of rooms into your home.

Design your kitchen with the thought of health in mind. If you eat well, you will be strong and healthy to do your work and take care of your family. Try to keep to a palette of healthy white shades, which in this case allow the foods to shine.

It is best to keep bathrooms, and especially toilets, out of view because of the downward pull of energy that could, after time, create a drain on your health. Design your bathrooms to be uplifting and beautiful. Work with lighting, color and texture to create a natural feeling.

Make the path (hallways) to your bedrooms serene and peaceful, where you can slowly drop the day away with all of its disrupting thoughts. When you walk into your bedroom you want to create a safe “cave” where you can sleep in peace without interference from the outside world.

Your house is your home – a place where you lay wide-open to the world your inner self. You can make your home anything you want it to be reflecting the inner you and you can build your home to support you on your life’s journey. Build in a tree or build out in a field. You do not have to have a living room, make it the playroom your dance studio. Just know that from one metaphysical perspective, your home is a reflection of you and your life – where it was, where it is and where it is going. On the other side (consider the yin/yang ) your home also affects you and your life. Just like people begin to look like their dogs after a few years (or even their close friends and spouse) – you can begin to take on energies of your home if you are not aware. That could be a good thing or not. Enjoy your home no matter its size or location – for you truly are at home wherever you are.

When we look at our homes using the ancient tool of Feng Shui, we are looking at our own personal lives. Our homes are a reflection of each of us – you could say that our homes represent the inner expressions of our own soul. Our homes allow the Spirit of Joy to surround us and run in and through us when we are aware of that Spirit and join in union with It. If we want to renovate or change our lives, a good place to start is to change or renovate the home where you live.