Where Mermaids Love to Swim

Pamela Laurence of Face Your Self offers professional training, coaching and consultations in healthy lifestyles. Contact her at Pamela@faceyourself.com

Pamela Laurence of Face Your Self offers professional training, coaching and consultations in healthy lifestyles. Contact her at Pamela@faceyourself.com

To dive into a fresh water pond
And feel the freedom of weightlessness.
Ah yes!
To imagine the cleanse of mind of all disturbances
And know in your heart the reality of joy.
Ah yes!
To know that serenity
Of the breath is being one with the One.

If you are lucky enough to be able to create an area on your property where a pool/spa may be installed – consider not just a pool -– consider creating a Garden of Eden. Allow the foliage, smells of the flowers, the colors of the pathways, the shape. Imagine and muse as to what your pool area would look like and could mean to you on all levels of your mind, body and soul. Remember, all is of the mind; everything is a thought at first – you are the creator. All that has been invented, created, and appears, was at one point a thought in someone’s mind. Don’t limit yourself, allow yourself to let go of past hurts and thoughts that you do not deserve or that you cannot afford. Take the time to “play” with ideas and thoughts and possibilities of what your ideal pool and spa area would be like if you could create anything. Start there. Do not limit your imagination.

You may want to start with the shape of the pool. Do you see yourself in a rectangle, oval or square? Is the pool you imagine an irregular shape? There are no right or wrong answers in this exercise. The point is to feel what somehow feels right to you. Do not worry. Sketch it out on a piece of paper – make several sketches if you need to.

Take a walk around your property to find the best location for your Garden of Eden. Take into consideration the lay of the land, building codes (which a professional can help you with when the time comes) and any view from your home. It would be ideal if you can see your special place from your home so that you may have that added beauty to reflect upon through your windows. Equally, it may be brilliant to have this area tucked away in a private place on your property.

Imagine what kind of vegetation you would have around your pool. You do not need to know the special names of the trees, plants and flowers -– in your sketch, just fill in the “feeling” of what you may want. Color? Shade? Privacy? Of course, if you know what plants you love – jot them down!

Think, too, of the lighting. I remember the campfires across the Niger River in Mali in West Africa. I was there for a month on an art scholarship and grant through Drew University. There was no electricity in the areas I lived. What struck me as so beautiful were the campfires that came on one by one across the river in the villages. There was a serenity and beauty that joined the night sky as it darkened and allowed the stars to shine. The fires of the campfires matched the stars above. The universal law of As Above, So Below was demonstrated once again so clearly.

Do you see a waterfall? Do you see big boulders that remind you of deep forest pools and rivers? Do you see flat rocks? Stepping-stones that warm the toes? What kind of finish do you see around your pool? Ask yourself where you can climb in and out of your pool. How would you do that? It is all good. Let your imagination do its job – open yourself to the universal mind of your good.

Remember that it is my suggestion to do all of this imagination and musing before you speak to a professional. Professionals have many great ideas and certainly are familiar with which materials and finishes would be good for your pool and spa area; however, they are not you! Give them something to work with. You can always adjust in size, budget, etc. I feel that if you have some idea of what you would visualize in your heart, then you can convey this to a professional and together create an area that is perfect in all ways to fit your budget and property.