Daily Habits Impact Lifetme Healthfulness


by Paige RomHowever your 2019 has started out, it has the potential to be an even better year for You. How? Well, to be brief, feeling our best from the inside out can bring a lot of pleasure and ease to an already busy and stressful day. Health complications of many kinds can make your day-to-day life difficult and uncomfortable.

What most people don’t realize is that little changes to daily lifestyle patterns can yield big, positive results in overall healthfulness. Healthfulness is like a diamond ­– it’s multi-faceted and depending on how well rounded your lifestyle patterns are, the more your health will shine like that of a beautiful, ideal cut diamond.

There are simple, healthy changes you can incorporate into your busy life in hopes of improving your overall health status and getting you to feel better and sparkle more.

1. Sleep:

Super important and the ultimate way for your body to reset itself and normalize hormones for optimum health function.

2. Eliminate Grains*:

All grains are extremely pro-inflammatory and can cause numerous health issues like obesity, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, dementia, heart disease, etc.

3. Hydration:

Water is essential for life along with aiding in digestion and promoting healthy skin.

4. Eliminate Sugar*:

Chronic sugar consumption (processed carbohydrates count, too) is toxic for the body and causes every kind of problem you can think of under the sun! Excessive weight gain and deep visceral fat, diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, rheumatoid arthritis, heart disease among them.

5. Whole Foods:

Stick with real, high quality protein, natural fats and plant food in order to live your best life. Practice eating three meals regularly to increase normal hormone function and energy levels.

6. Chronic Stress:

Stress can whack out your hormone balance thanks to an overabundance of cortisol which can cause build up of waist line fat, so slow down…breath deeper and (see #1) sleep more.

Healthfulness starts with the day-to-day choices you make regarding sleeping, eating and drinking. Don’t complicate your health more than what is required. Remember, it’s what you do everyday that may need some attention and fine tuning. Live your best life by bringing awareness to your daily habits.

Work, Rest, Repeat.

By Drew Kelly

Drew Kelly is a certified TRX Instructor and personal trainer with BodyRite Training. Motivating people to work hard to reach their potential is what he does best. Like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Drew believes “climbing the ladder of success can’t happen with your hands in your pockets.”

Drew Kelly is a certified TRX Instructor and personal trainer with BodyRite Training. Motivating people to work hard to reach their potential is what he does best. Like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Drew believes “climbing the ladder of success can’t happen with your hands in your pockets.”

Let’s dive into this simple but very popular gym routine. A person goes to the gym Monday through Friday working out for an average of one and a half hours each time. This person also probably does the same thing every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday…etc. Can you blame them? Humans are creatures of habit. Am I saying this is a bad habit? No, but what are these people doing on those days will make all the difference in their end goal and how long it takes them to get there.

Working out Monday through Friday is the general goal and routine for most fitness enthusiasts. But, one cannot go into the gym every day, do the same thing and expect to see an improvement or change in muscularity or leanness without a plan to get stronger. Yes, you can go into the gym and put some time in and walk out satisfied because “you did something” but did you really place enough demand on your body to change? Losing weight, dropping body fat percentage, shredding inches or “getting bigger” doesn’t come along with simple cardio and weightlifting. At some point, you’re going to have to sweat a little bit or do something that might be outside of your comfort zone. Increasing the stimulus demands your body to change, but you do not have to do it every day.

Let’s look at a better gym routine. On Monday, a client comes in from having the whole weekend off and does a 45 minute HIIT/cardio class. Great! This person should now focus on some sort of strength training routine for Tuesday. A workout routine that could include a focus on the upper body and some core if they aren’t too tired from Monday’s class. Now it’s Wednesday and this client performs some low intensity walking on the treadmill with maybe some lower body exercises afterwards to keep the body balanced. Thursday could be a routine with some high intensity cardio or some running and throw in a little more lower body exercises.

Finish the week off on Friday with a fully-body circuit to get you ready for the two days that you have off. Nothing really overlaps with a workout routine like this and it gives the body time to rest and recover. If you do not give your body proper time to recover from each workout there is the risk of injury, burnout/overtraining or “plateau.” “Plateau” is a common word in the fitness industry which simply means you’ve been giving it your all in the gym and you are no longer seeing results.

How do we recover from a plateau? We change up the whole routine. Maybe now we take off Tuesday and Thursday and workout the rest of the days focusing more on weightlifting or focusing more on cardio. Changing up your routine every two to three months will force your body to adjust to the change and not get overly comfortable with the intensity of your fitness regime. Additionally, changing up your workout routine will help keep your mental game and motivation on the up and up.  

It’s important to stay motivated and positive through the process because you are the one that is doing it! Another suggestion to help you stay on track is to hire a personal trainer that is organized and motivated to get you to the finish line. Functional fitness facilities like BodyRite Training are great because the workouts for every class are very specific and filled with motivated clients that can help you stay on track.