“Success depends upon previous preparation, and without such preparation there is sure to be failure.” – Confucius

by Paige Romanowski

“Setting yourself up for success” is a phrase that I use quite often at BodyRite Training. Whether it pertains to your squat position, a training goal or something more personal, the set up will determine success or failure hands down. The pattern of your set up – or the consistency with which you practice your set up – is essential and will inevitably get you to your END GAME victoriously.

Recently, I introduced a 60-day health and wellness program to the BodyRite Community singularly focusing on nutrition and fitness called “FitCamp.” Fifteen clients participated in this life- changing opportunity and committed themselves to the principles and more importantly, the lifestyle choices that BodyRite Training as a living, breathing and eating entity/community believes firmly in.

During the creative process of FitCamp, I had to think hard on “the set up.” My singular objective in developing a unique educational program like this was to make an enormous impact on the lives and health status of 15 very different human bodies. This was and is a challenge. At the very start of FitCamp, I prescribed the use of a simple tool that became the lifeline for my program: a journal.

Journaling is the quintessential “set up” for success. Beyond setting a goal and attempting to attain it, journaling brings mindfulness to our very beings and creates the space in our brains for self awareness, reflection and accountability. When was the last time you gave pause and brought awareness to yourSELF and the activities that you engage in day to day? FitCamp forced the hands of the 15 participants to journal daily about their food and beverage choices, along with lifestyle habits like fitness and sleep.

Session One of FitCamp has now ended and as planned, my objectives were successfully met. Fifteen lives and bodies were greatly and positively impacted by this program. As a group, these men and women lost over 80 pounds and 25+ inches in their waistlines! The daily practice of journaling was a pattern that I believe set each participant up for inevitable success. Participants had to repeat positive lifestyle choices daily for many many days – 60 to be exact! Their journals were constant reminders of mindfulness and self-accountability.

So in sum, find your “set up” first when setting a goal. I believe journaling should be a part of that process. Purchase a composition notebook, download an app or buy a journal specific to your purpose. Sit down with yourself and START! Enjoy the process and observe your own self transformation.

Work, Rest, Repeat.

By Drew Kelly

Drew Kelly is a certified TRX Instructor and personal trainer with BodyRite Training. Motivating people to work hard to reach their potential is what he does best. Like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Drew believes “climbing the ladder of success can’t happen with your hands in your pockets.”

Drew Kelly is a certified TRX Instructor and personal trainer with BodyRite Training. Motivating people to work hard to reach their potential is what he does best. Like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Drew believes “climbing the ladder of success can’t happen with your hands in your pockets.”

Let’s dive into this simple but very popular gym routine. A person goes to the gym Monday through Friday working out for an average of one and a half hours each time. This person also probably does the same thing every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday…etc. Can you blame them? Humans are creatures of habit. Am I saying this is a bad habit? No, but what are these people doing on those days will make all the difference in their end goal and how long it takes them to get there.

Working out Monday through Friday is the general goal and routine for most fitness enthusiasts. But, one cannot go into the gym every day, do the same thing and expect to see an improvement or change in muscularity or leanness without a plan to get stronger. Yes, you can go into the gym and put some time in and walk out satisfied because “you did something” but did you really place enough demand on your body to change? Losing weight, dropping body fat percentage, shredding inches or “getting bigger” doesn’t come along with simple cardio and weightlifting. At some point, you’re going to have to sweat a little bit or do something that might be outside of your comfort zone. Increasing the stimulus demands your body to change, but you do not have to do it every day.

Let’s look at a better gym routine. On Monday, a client comes in from having the whole weekend off and does a 45 minute HIIT/cardio class. Great! This person should now focus on some sort of strength training routine for Tuesday. A workout routine that could include a focus on the upper body and some core if they aren’t too tired from Monday’s class. Now it’s Wednesday and this client performs some low intensity walking on the treadmill with maybe some lower body exercises afterwards to keep the body balanced. Thursday could be a routine with some high intensity cardio or some running and throw in a little more lower body exercises.

Finish the week off on Friday with a fully-body circuit to get you ready for the two days that you have off. Nothing really overlaps with a workout routine like this and it gives the body time to rest and recover. If you do not give your body proper time to recover from each workout there is the risk of injury, burnout/overtraining or “plateau.” “Plateau” is a common word in the fitness industry which simply means you’ve been giving it your all in the gym and you are no longer seeing results.

How do we recover from a plateau? We change up the whole routine. Maybe now we take off Tuesday and Thursday and workout the rest of the days focusing more on weightlifting or focusing more on cardio. Changing up your routine every two to three months will force your body to adjust to the change and not get overly comfortable with the intensity of your fitness regime. Additionally, changing up your workout routine will help keep your mental game and motivation on the up and up.  

It’s important to stay motivated and positive through the process because you are the one that is doing it! Another suggestion to help you stay on track is to hire a personal trainer that is organized and motivated to get you to the finish line. Functional fitness facilities like BodyRite Training are great because the workouts for every class are very specific and filled with motivated clients that can help you stay on track.

Sickeningly Sweet

Paige Romanowski, certified personal trainer, is the owner of BodyRite Training in  Jamesport, NY. For more information, visit Paige’s website at bodyritetraining.com or follow Bodyrite on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

Paige Romanowski, certified personal trainer, is the owner of BodyRite Training in  Jamesport, NY. For more information, visit Paige’s website at bodyritetraining.com or follow Bodyrite on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

The obesity epidemic is truly an EPIDEMIC; I was reminded of this while sitting poolside on a cruise ship in the Atlantic Ocean this past winter. The overwhelming majority of people from all over the world were either overweight or obese. It was shocking to see many young people fitting into those categories as well.                      

According to the CDC, “the percentage of children and adolescents affected by obesity has more than tripled since the 1970s. Data from 2015-2016 show that nearly one in five school age children and young people (6 to 19) in the United States has obesity.” All of this translates roughly into over 12 million children in the United States are obese.

The two biggest culprits contributing to this nationwide issue is diet and activity. There is a reported 91 percent of children who have deficient diets and almost two-thirds of American youth consume a sugary beverage on any given day. Nearly 24.7 percent of high school aged students watch three or more hours of television per day. Not good. The health of our country is on the decline and it has been for decades. The problem starts in childhood and it begins primarily with the food and beverages parents buy for their families.

Foods loaded with sugar, wheat, soy and corn are the mainstays of a young person’s diet in 2018. Not sure why this is okay for kids and not for adults but this seems to be the case. Sugar, in particular high fructose corn syrup (HFCS), is in soda, juice boxes, granola bars, snacks, sports drinks, ice tea, cereal, peanut butter, bread, pasta and of course, Starbucks (just to name a few!). Every shelf in every aisle in every grocery store is littered and loaded with fake food that parents are gladly buying and feeding to their kids contributing to the health care crisis in our country.

Whole food will be a tough sell to a child, in my opinion, if they are introduced to sugar at a very young age. It takes time and discipline for adults to abstain from sugar so why would this be any different for a child? Why is it okay for adults to eat in a healthy way and for kids to not? Why does being “a kid” excuse you from the facts when the facts state that excess sugar consumption can cause dental problems, obesity, behavior issues and lower academic performance...again just to name a few?

A large contributing factor to sugar addiction in youth is the consumption of fruit juice. Stuffing a juice box into the hands or lunches of a young person is not a form of healthily hydrating your child. Instead, and quite simply, just give them water. Eating fruit is a much better alternative to fruit juice and keep in mind that drinking juice drives one’s risk for diabetes up to 21% as opposed to eating whole fruits that decrease one’s risk by 23%. Juice has a much higher glycemic index than fruit because the insoluble fiber component of fruit is removed as a result of the juicing process. Fiber helps slow the absorption of sugar into the bloodstream which lessens the insulin response which is why real fruit is better than juice.

I get it; vegetables are not exciting to children but candy, cookies, juice and soda are! Again, whole food is a tough sell when kids are accustomed to eating sweetened foods. Drinking fruit juices – fresh or not – simply spike blood sugar thus triggering an insulin response. Let’s look at the sugar content of juices based on a 1 cup serving size:

Apple Juice: 24 grams

Orange Juice: 26 grams

Prune Juice: 66 grams

Grapefruit Juice: 23 grams

Cranberry Juice: 31 grams

The sugar content in these juices is high and very close to the amount of sugar in a can of soda. Water is real and the best – really only – option for hydration. In sum, it’s important to get your child accustomed to eating real food instead of fake food. Shopping at farm stands as much as possible, instead of grocery stores, will help eliminate the temptation to buy crap. Start your kids on the path to healthfulness now before the harmful effects of chronic sugar consumption begin to take hold. Run away from food in packages and make the time to meal prep and cook for your family. Get creative with water and make it fun by adding fresh cucumbers, mint or strawberries to flavor it up!              

Take on the obesity epidemic by making a difference in your home, among your family members and at your kitchen table!






Whole Foods

By Paige Romanowski

Paige Romanowski, certified personal trainer, is the owner of BodyRite Training in Jamesport, NY. For more information, visit Paige’s website at bodyritetraining.com or follow Bodyrite on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

Paige Romanowski, certified personal trainer, is the owner of BodyRite Training in Jamesport, NY. For more information, visit Paige’s website at bodyritetraining.com or follow Bodyrite on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

I have always subscribed to the adage of “less is more” when it comes to living a balanced and health-FULL BodyRite life. Falling prey to trends and quick fixes that promise weight loss, anti-aging effects and/or increased health is easy to do, especially when everyone seems to be doing it! We call this “drinking the Kool-Aid;” in this scenario what people are really drinking is not Kool-Aid but rather a green, blended sludge (to some) also referred to as “green juice.”

Based on the rise of chronic disease and obesity in this country, it is a safe assumption to make that most human beings are nutrient deficient and regularly exposing their biology to foods that are toxic. Diabetes type 2, fatty liver disease, obesity, cancer and heart disease are just a few byproducts of bad nutrition. To be more specific, the biggest felons guilty of these health-related crimes are wheat, corn, sugar and soy.

Juicing seems to be the one step cure-all remedy promising healing and redemption from the evils of the toxic food world that surrounds us. No longer are people eating their food but drinking it in hopes of packing in the antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that, apparently, aren’t available to us in chewable form.

More is more it seems when it comes to juicing. By blending our fruits and vegetables into liquid sludge, our bodies can now consume even more nutrition when compared to what we can actually eat in solid form. Destroying beautiful complex food into simple liquid form also “pre-digests” our food, thus enabling our bodies to absorb the most nutrients which supposedly equates to better health.

More is not more in this scenario unfortunately. Blending the complex structures of fruits and vegetables into the simple form of liquid is not the answer to filling the nutrition void. The complexity of fruits and vegetables plays a valuable role in the digestive process as well as the insulin response. Gut flora is essential when we are talking about increased immunology. Translation? Sure. The longer plant food takes to break down in the colon, the better overall health we have. Fiber is essential for probiotic health and increasing our sense of fullness post meal. Juicing removes fiber all together which means our bodies get hungry again sooner than later. Bombarding our body’s ecosystem with more green elixir does not mean that you are a healthier version of yourself than you would be if you were simply eating enough fruits and vegetables. Over supplementation should also be a concern.

Ultimately, reducing foods that promote inflammation is a great place to start which means abstaining from the four major food felons: wheat, corn, sugar and soy. Second to that would be increasing your overall daily intake of vegetables primarily because it is likely you aren’t consuming enough anyway. Finally, I would be cautious when it comes to how much fruit you are eating. Vegetables offer up just as many vitamins and nutrients as their fruit counterparts but without the sugar knock-out punch. So, as a matter of course, eat fruit on highly active days as long as it is local and in season.

We have teeth for a reason and that is to chew. Our bodies work harder for us when we let our digestive systems do the work they were designed to do. Less is more when you focus on whole food. More is more when you leave the work up to your body and not a blender. Happy crunching!



Weight Loss Lies

Paige Romanowski, certified personal trainer, is the owner of BodyRite training in Jamesport, NY. For more information, visit Paige's website at bodyritetraining.com.

Paige Romanowski, certified personal trainer, is the owner of BodyRite training in Jamesport, NY. For more information, visit Paige's website at bodyritetraining.com.

by Paige Romanowski

A large portion of the holiday season is centered around food and beverages. Eating and drinking are activities that  go hand in hand with celebrations of any kind, not just  the holidays.

The month of December, however, is the month of festive late nights or early mornings…filled with too much drinking, too much eating and not enough moderation. January is the month reserved for reconciliation! In this month, we reluctantly stand on the scale, we renew our gym memberships and we download My Fitness Pal or some other calorie tracker onto our smartphones and begin the journey of weight loss. Before you pack on the holiday pounds in December and starve yourself in January, I challenge you to give careful thought to the three biggest lies regarding weight management.

Lie #1 - Calories in Calories Out

Thanks to the observations of the now deceased French American Scientist Jean Mayer, one of the most widely held beliefs is that all you have to do to normalize weight is to eat less and exercise more. FALSE! Mayer based his findings on a laboratory experiment involving inactive fat mice versus active skinny mice. As a result of his findings, this supposed energy balance gave birth to Mayer’s “calories in calories out” theory and is still believed to this day. An important question to ask is: If more people now exercise, why do obesity rates continue to climb?

Lie #2 - All Calories Are Created Equal

We can thank the scholarly work of German nutritionist Max Rubner for leading us all to believe that “a calorie is just a calorie.” The calorie myth is one of the most pervasive and damaging myths of nutrition and weight management to this day. Essentially, the sources of calories don’t matter but rather the overall number of calories consumed each day do. If this myth were true, then you should be able to supplement a meal with a Krispy Kreme donut or Twinkie and still shed pounds.

Lie #3 - Exercise is the Cure for Weight Loss

Thanks to heart rate monitors, fitness devices and the ultimate workout, people still believe that exercise is the only method for weight loss. So very false! Exercise accounts for a small portion of the daily calorie burn. Exercise only accounts for about 10 to 30 percent of one’s total energy expenditure. Even though exercise is highly correlated with levels of fitness and health-related metrics such as blood pressure and cholesterol, study after study reveals that exercise is a poor choice for diet. The quality of your food, the timing and amount of your food as well as your activity level each day are the factors to consider and gauge. The holiday season of December tells us to eat whatever we want and the post season of January tells us to exercise or to exercise more. You cannot exercise your way out of a bad diet and into improved healthfulness!

Optimizing your health and reaching your ideal body weight through the minimization – if not elimination – of all types of sugar, processed carbohydrates and fake food and replacing with healthy macros like high quality protein, fats and plant food will get you back to you. Now that is something worth celebrating!

Mind. Body. Spirit

Paige Romanowski, certified personal trainer, is the owner of BodyRite Training in Jamesport, NY. For more information, visit Paige’s website at bodyritetraining.com or follow Bodyrite on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

Paige Romanowski, certified personal trainer, is the owner of BodyRite Training in Jamesport, NY. For more information, visit Paige’s website at bodyritetraining.com or follow Bodyrite on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

Increasing strength, improving overall fitness capacity and performance are always constant personal objectives of mine. The only solution to developing more strength, for me, has always been to lift heavier and work harder.

This past winter, I decided to incorporate yoga into my fitness regime in hopes of improving mental focus primarily, but to also show support for the BodyRite Yoga Program. After three months of regular yoga practice, I began to see an improvement in the ability to align my focus, but also increased strength and stability in my body. This was such a surprise to me because I am strong and have always been strong but never for a minute did I think yoga could make me stronger and it truly has!

As a newbie to yoga, my workouts have evolved and I now integrate movements from the classes I take. Sometimes, when I need to get away from the gym but want to workout, I actually practice yoga instead of classically “working out.” With that being said, I would like to introduce to you the woman that has had all of this positive yoga effect on me! Her name is Sam Achilich and she is the Yoga Instructor for BodyRite Training. We are so fortunate to have her on staff and I have invited her to share a little bit more about the beauty and benefits of integrating a yoga practice into your life.

Sam Achilich says...


In the midst of raising a family and managing a full time professional career, I realized the need to come back to the world of fitness for my own health and well-being. I began working out with a personal trainer and practicing yoga at about the same time. I found the combination of the two to be perfect for building strength, flexibility and mental focus. My strength training improved my yoga practice and my yoga practice improved my strength training in ways I couldn’t begin to realize at first. That was over a decade ago and the transformation it has made in my life is nothing short of dramatic.

Yoga in the 21st century has evolved substantially from its beginnings over 3,500 years ago. What was originally a spiritual practice to prepare the body and mind for meditation, has become a global movement that crosses boundaries of race, religion and nationality. In fact, many would say that yoga is an international language unto itself. Dropping into a class in another town, another state or another country brings a feeling of being at home to many who practice yoga.

A well balanced yoga practice contains three elements: breath work known as pranayama, physical poses known as asanas, and meditation. The benefits of combining these three elements can be life changing. Yoga poses build strength through isometrics by holding the body in a static position while also developing flexibility, stamina and endurance. My own personal discovery of the power of attaching breath to movement has given me useful tools to reduce stress, elevate mood and improve focus and concentration. Many yoga practitioners also find spiritual growth and enlightenment to be the result of a regular yoga practice. This was certainly the case for me.

Recent research in the field of psychology has show that yoga can also help in recovering from depression, anxiety, addiction and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). The great sage, Patanjali, best known as the author of the Yoga Sutras – the text considered by many to be the foundation of classical yoga – defines yoga as “the removing of the fluctuations of the mind.” Yoga is the stilling of the mind until it rests in a state of total and utter tranquility. This state is reached through movement, breath and meditation. My own yoga journey was so powerful that I knew I would be happiest sharing my discoveries with others through teaching. It has been one of the best decisions of my life…what I give to others through teaching I receive tenfold in return.

One of the great yoga teachers of the 20th century, B.K.S Iyengar, put it most succinctly when he said, “The rhythm of the body, the melody of the mind and the harmony of the soul create the symphony of life.” This is yoga and I hope to bring the essence of all of these things to all who join us on the mats at BodyRite!



The Alcohol Debate

by Paige Romanowski

Paige Romanowski, certified personal trainer, is the owner of BodyRite Training in Jamesport, NY. bodyritetraining.com

Paige Romanowski, certified personal trainer, is the owner of BodyRite
Training in Jamesport, NY. bodyritetraining.com

The alcohol debate is an ongoing conversation that most individuals participate in, especially those of the health minded sort. To drink or not to drink is the question we are always asking ourselves when heading out to eat, attending a social function or just sitting around at home looking to unwind.

As everyone should know, alcohol consumption is not ideal when trying to lose weight. But there’s always that “but” or that “what if?” So, when counseling clients on nutrition and guiding them through their food choices, we strongly encourage selectivity and moderation when sipping on the spirits. What you choose to drink can make all of the difference in the world in terms of how you feel the next day and if you can rock that bathing suit without feeling or looking bloated.

In the realm of whole food nutrition, there is always a better, far more superior option to select for ourselves when it comes to food and beverage. A dreamy glass of Taste rosé from our friends at Bedell Cellars in Cutchogue, NY, pairs perfectly with a sunset and some water views on either fork of eastern Long Island. However, is it the best choice for a summer libation with minimal setbacks?

 Not necessarily and here’s why…rosé typically has 73 calories in a mere 3.5-ounce glass (not very much!), 4.5 grams of carbohydrates and 1.11 grams of sugar. A good restaurant, will pour a glass of rosé generously– certainly more than our aforementioned serving size, which is, of course, appreciated and why we frequent those establishments! However, a truly quintessential summer night on either fork does not begin or end with just one glass of wine…so as the pouring continues, the calorie, carb and sugar intake also continues and starts to accumulate.

So, let’s rethink those three or more BIG glasses of delicious rosé and consider having just one. The night is still young and you want to enjoy yourself so consider tequila as an option instead. Tequila that is 100% agave is ideal and authentic. Be wary when selecting your tequila because some can contain up to 49% grain; always look for tequilas that are 100% agave.

Basically, 100% blanco tequila contains 97 calories, 0 carbohydrates and 0 grams of sugar. Since there is no sugar in tequila, blood sugar remains stable and because tequila comes from a plant called “blue agave,” that means it is grain free and devoid of inflammatory-causing agents.

When it comes to maintaining your weight, losing weight or increasing your healthfulness, abstaining from sugar in all shapes, sizes and forms is the key. Consuming alcohol on a regular basis in excess is never a good idea, especially if healthfulness is a concern, which it should be!

Margaritas taste delicious, but won’t help your waistline because they are loaded with calories, carbohydrates and sugar! Instead, order this BodyRite-Rita the next time you are out and about or at home on the deck chilling. And be sure to thank your friends at BodyRite Training for keeping the excess pounds at bay this summer! !#areyoubodyrite?



4 ounces 100% agave

Tequila Blanco

2 ounces fresh lime juice and pulp of one lime

Splash of club soda

Add ingredients to a shaker filled with ice. Shake and serve on the rocks with salt rim.





Spring Lean

Paige Romanowski, certified personal trainer, is the owner of BodyRite Training in Jamesport, NY. For more information, visit Paige’s website at bodyritetraining.com or follow Bodyrite on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

Paige Romanowski, certified personal trainer, is the owner of BodyRite Training in Jamesport, NY. For more information, visit Paige’s website at bodyritetraining.com or follow Bodyrite on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

by Paige Romanowski

The change in season is always so refreshing, especially when it’s warmer weather on the horizon. People seem to have a renewed sense of purpose about...all kinds of things. The parking lots of Home Depot and Lowe’s are packed with cars like clockwork the first warm weekend of spring. Traffic picks up on both Forks and people just seem to be busier! Sitting back, I observe the determination, passion and commitment in peoples’ faces and wonder how different our world would be if this kind of brouhaha was over our health instead of flowers!

The change of season is a great time to try something new and different when it comes to our health and fitness. Changing our routines is a terrific way to alter patterned thinking, behaviors and eating habits. Our bodies are smart and can adapt to the many kinds of stresses that we place on it – good or bad. I’d like to challenge both your brains and your belly to the concept of daily fasting to help get you lean into spring!

Martin Berkhan, nutrition consultant, writer and trainer, seems to have perfected the art and lifestyle of daily fasting. His program is called “Leangains,” and for a good reason. Google his name – right now – and check out his perfect, lean physique! This guy is drug-free (does not use, performance enhancing drugs), he can deadlift 600 lbs. and eats in a very unconventional way.  

Berkhan only eats 2-3 times per day and gets his fitness on in a fasted state. His bigger meals promptly follow his workouts and he only eats within an 8-hour time period. For 16 hours he drinks water, plain tea or black coffee and does not consume calories of any kind. This period of time is considered fasting. The primary source of calories recommended for consumption during the 8-hour window of eating would be from high quality protein, fats and plants. Carbohydrates come from natural sources like sweet potatoes, squashes, nuts etc. and are added into meals on days that you are extremely active or train.

I suggest eating between the hours of 10 am to 6 pm or from 12 pm to 8 pm. Practice this eating schedule for six consecutive days with the seventh day to eat whenever you want – not whatever you want. Meal prepping is strongly advised because you will be hungry for the first meal of your day so be ready! Following this regime to the letter of the law is strongly advised. For instance, the evening hours got away from me one day while at work and I missed my dinner…boy was I sorry! I had to wait 19 hours until my next meal; it was terrible! Great things happen in the body during an extended state of caloric deprivation. Insulin sensitivity improves, metabolic rate goes up, blood flow to fat cells increase, mental clarity improves tenfold and the list of benefits go on and on.

Couple of quick tips before I go. Be sure to take a before picture or yourself in minimal clothing on the first day of your 31-day journey and then again on the last day. I highly recommend abstaining from alcohol during this time period as well. When exercising, do it with an empty stomach before your first meal of the day. Consider using a BCAA powdered supplement, which is calorie free, combining it with water and drinking it during or after your workout. Stay focused, stay away from snacking and just stick to three meals per day within an 8-hour window. This is a terrific way to burn up excess body fat and strengthen your mental capacities.

Discipline is an important habit to practice in life. Change up your routine, try a new challenge and jump into spring LEAN!


Healing from the Inside

Paige Romanowski, certified personal trainer, is the owner of BodyRite Training in Jamesport, NY. For more information, visit Paige's website at bodyritetraining.com or follow Bodyrite on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

Paige Romanowski, certified personal trainer, is the owner of BodyRite Training in Jamesport, NY. For more information, visit Paige's website at bodyritetraining.com or follow Bodyrite on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

With warmer temperatures on the way, you might think that crockpot season is over. But what if 36 hours could produce a nourishing liquid that when consumed, has the side effects of a healthy gut, reduced inflammation and radiant skin?

Keep reading.

Botox, sunscreen, plastic surgery and laser treatment are common methods used by many for anti-aging. Do they work? Yes, I believe they do but to what degree are they effective? Most of these solutions come with a hefty price tag that most can’t afford and don’t last forever. In order to slow down aging and improve health and longevity, I subscribe to the belief of healing the body from within.

Some might call it the new fountain of youth. I prefer to call it “liquid La Mer.” What could I possibly be talking about? It’s quite simple and will cost you only $25 to prepare. Bone broth!

Homemade bone broth is a natural healing elixir that has numerous benefits. Healthy digestion, infection prevention, brain health, stronger bones, reduced inflammation, increased immunity and improved skin elasticity. All of the valuable amino acids, collagen, gelatin and trace minerals can be found in broth when bones of all kinds are cooked at low temperatures
for long periods of time (24-48 hours).

I consider bone broth to be a better alternative to taking a multivitamin if consumed every day. Drinking two 8 ounce cups of broth a day as soup or combined with food when cooking is suggested. If you aren’t much into cooking, then hop on a bus or train and head to Brodo (200 1st Avenue, NY, NY) or Springbone Kitchen (90 West 3rd Street, NY, NY) and indulge in all kinds of delicious broths – or customize your own!
The majority of grocery shoppers purchase boxed broth or stock as an alternative to preparing it from home or traveling to NYC. Not a good idea. All boxed broth or stock will have a deadly ­ingredient in it known as MSG (monosodium glutamate). According to natural health expert Dr. Joseph Mercola, MSG is a “silent killer that’s worse for your health than alcohol, nicotine and many drugs likely lurking in your kitchen cabinets right now.” MSG is a food additive that is man-made and used in many foods to enhance flavor. Ajinomoto is the biggest producer of MSG and also a drug manufacturer (not positive). Board certified neurosurgeon Dr. Russell Blaylock, author of the book “Excitotoxins: The Taste That Kills,” explains that “MSG is an excitotoxin, which means it overexcites your cells to he point of damage or death, causing brain damage to varying degrees – and potentially even triggering or worsening learning disabilities, Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, Lou Gehrig's disease and more.”
    Get into your refrigerators and pantry and throw out the boxed bone broth! Your food will come to life with flavor when using homemade bone broth. Bone broth really is simple to make, but keep in mind the most important ingredient is the bones. High quality, grass fed and hormone free is the only way to go so be sure your local farmer adheres to those standards before purchasing. I highly recommend stopping by 8 Hands Farms, located in Cutchogue, NY, to purchase your bones for brewing. Here is a simple recipe to get you started and on your way to improved health, youth and longevity!

Beef Bone Broth

3 carrots
Single bunch of celery
Whole garlic head unpeeled
Whole onion unpeeled
Couple sprigs of Rosemary
Beef bones or your choosing (you may roast on cookie sheet beforehand for 30 minutes at 350 degrees)
Cover with distilled water
Prepare in crock pot on low heat for 36 hours. When completed, line colander with cheese cloth and place in another larger bowl. Pour broth over. Let cool. Leave a container in refrigerator for the week and freeze remaining broth.


Paige Romanowski, certified personal trainer, is the owner of BodyRite Training in Jamesport, NY. For more information, visit Paige’s website at ­bodyritetraining.com or follow Bodyrite on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

Paige Romanowski, certified personal trainer, is the owner of BodyRite Training in Jamesport, NY. For more information, visit Paige’s website at ­bodyritetraining.com or follow Bodyrite on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

The tree has been taken down, the neighborhood and village streets are dark again and credit card bills are an ugly reminder of the holiday season long gone. Worse than debt is an expanded waistline protruding over your jeans looking back at you in the mirror. How did this happen? How did the scale go up 10 pounds or more in just a month?  More importantly, how can you get rid of it in the same amount of time?  

It’s truly unfair; weight is not as easily lost as it is gained, but there are simple changes we can all make in our daily lives that can yield substantial results in just a four-week time period. Nobody likes to read anymore so rather than bore you with rhetoric, I have composed a top 20 list of changes to make in your diet, exercise and daily practices that will produce improved physiques and/or waistlines in a four-week period. I suggest embracing five of these changes consistently over the next month for optimal results. Good luck!

1. Reduce alcohol to two drinks weekly
2. Remove sugar or sugar substitutes in coffee or tea
3. Stay away from cereal or oatmeal for breakfast and replace with whole eggs
4. Be sure to get 7-8 hours of sleep daily
5. Increase healthy fats like olive oil, butter, avocados, nuts, bacon, eggs into your daily diet
6. Stop snacking in between meals and simply eat three meals per day
7. Start tracking your carbohydrate intake and keep under 100 grams per day
8. Replace protein bars with
real food
9. Incorporate high intensity
interval training (just 30 minutes) into your workout routine once per week
10. Eliminate all grains from diet (ie: bread, pasta, crackers, cereal, baked goods etc.)
11. Increase your cardiovascular activities (biking, rowing, jump roping, stair master or elliptical) to three times per week for just 30 minutes
12. Focus your workouts on complex movements like heavy dead lifts, heavy front squats, push ups, chin ups and pull ups
13. Drink only water and about half your body weight in fluid ounces
14. Restrict fruit to twice per week and just on the days you work out
15. Remove all sugar products from your diet
16. Eat more green vegetables with low carbohydrates and less of carrots, squash and sweet
17. Eat in most nights rather than eating out
18. Fast once a week for 24 hours
19. Reduce stress
20. Start tracking your food on
a daily basis.


Years ago while preparing to sit for my personal training exam, I was also evaluating my own eating habits and how to improve. My diet was pretty clean, or so I thought, although I felt like I was always hungry and falling prey to carbohydrates. I was doing all the things “healthy” people do, so I was frustrated and confused as to why I couldn’t get leaner in my abdominal area and lower half despite all the good eating and training I was doing. The typical carb-loading regime that many gym goers and personal trainers follow and advocate wasn’t working for me. I was eating oatmeal in the morning, loading up my post work out beverages with fruit and powders (promoting fat loss), I was eating lots of protein, healthy yogurt and Ezekiel bread (“flourless wheat”) with eggs (because that was grain free right?). 

Finally, I gave up and stopped asking people for their own subjective opinions on food and took matters into my own hands. I buried my head in books written by respected doctors and made some amazing discoveries thanks to Dr. David Perlmutter, Dr. Loren Cordain and Robb Wolf just to name a few. 

Due to the overwhelming amount of evidence and scientific data that was consistent among all of these authors, I decided to cut all grains, wheat and flour like granola, Ezekiel bread and pasta out of my diet. The first week restricting my carbohydrates in this fashion was difficult to say the least; my cravings were extreme and strangely enough, I began to experience violent headaches and even felt like I had a quick touch of the flu. I had zero energy and became crankier than normal. Later I learned that these were typical withdrawal side effects that I experienced while getting off “the crack.”

My 4 pound weight loss was encouraging though. At the time, I weighed about 185 pounds. I continued to lose and was down 13 pounds after four weeks eventually hitting 157 pounds at the end of three months. 

BodyRite client Rebecca Neese has lost an astonishing 80 pounds!

My pursuit to know more has been ongoing throughout my profession as a trainer; one can never know too much! That was seven years ago and today my love of people and passion to help others has blossomed into a successful integrative wellness and functional fitness facility in Jamesport, NY, known popularly as BodyRite Training. 

BodyRite client Camille Rienecker is proud to be showing off her 70 pound weight loss!

I have helped more people than I can count reach their ideal body weight through my lifestyle program at BodyRite. Living low carb makes sense on every level for everyone. Clients Rebecca Neese and Camille Rienecker have proven that with their extreme weight loss. Rebecca has lost 80 pounds since joining BodyRite two years ago and Camille has lost 70 pounds since March of 2015 thanks to practicing a low carbohydrate lifestyle. Their success stories have made an incredible impact on the lives of North Forkers seeking improved health and weight loss. My success as a fitness professional is based solely on the success of my clients. 

Our story reached the producers of The Dr. Oz Show and we were all invited to appear on the show on May 18, 2016 to discuss the benefits of a low carbohydrate diet. Everyone on set, including Dr. Oz, was awestruck when looking at the before and after pictures of Rebecca and Camille. Men and women can look forward to shredding body fat, eliminating sugar cravings, improved blood panels, stabilized hormone levels, better mental focus, increased energy and healthy digestive tracts free of inflammation thanks to the healing powers of whole foods. Regardless of gender, age or ethnicity, the benefits of low carb living
do not discriminate. 

When we restrict carbohydrates over a short period of time, the body must find a way to create energy to function. Fat tissue can be converted to energy and the byproduct of fat metabolism is ketones. Ketones are molecules generated by fat burning like the fat that sits on many, many waistlines of Americans or the fat found in whole foods like eggs, nuts and high quality protein. If we restrict the intake of sugar and carbohydrates and consistently focus our food on good fats and high quality protein, fat metabolism will begin to take place which equals weight loss and improved health. Practicing a low carbohydrate lifestyle is the key to better health overall. 

Weight loss isn’t always healthy or sustainable but I know in my heart that practicing a low carbohydrate lifestyle is all of the above. Our bodies need fat to survive. Our cells are comprised of fat, our brains are comprised of fat and fat needs fat to thrive. Sugar is addictive and comes in so many forms. Chronic sugar consumption - regardless of name, shape or kind - is the root cause of our current health crisis. 

Open your refrigerators and pantry doors and start taking control of your appetites and waistlines and throw out the junk! Replace manufactured food products with whole food items like animal based protein, eggs, nuts and seeds, avocados, asparagus, spinach, olive oil and coconut oil to name a few. Living BodyRite has saved my life, the lives of Rebecca and Camille and other countless clients. Take ownership of your health and life and save your own. Get off the carbs!

Pride & Purpose (and a little self-praise…)

Paige ceremoniously cuts the ribbon to officially open the BodyRite studio

Spring has been an extremely eventful season for BodyRite Training. Despite the pouring rain outside, local government officials, media, clients and supporters came out on April 2 to celebrate the grand opening of my business, BodyRite Training. It was an exciting day for all, especially for those that have been a part of BodyRite Training since its inception five years ago. Clients like Lauren, Nicole and Meredith recall training outside in parking lots riddled with needles, local parks crowded with activity and in gyms with broken equipment and unsanitary conditions. Location didn’t matter, it was our unified commitment to living and training “BodyRite” that motivated all of us to work hard and work out with passion, dedication and even sacrifice.

I believe in celebrating everything, especially when it pertains to Bodyrite. My clients know very well that I enjoy bringing the “crew” together as a community and just having fun. Every year, we host a BodyRite BBQ and holiday breakfast. This year, the stress of construction and planning prevented us from being able to host the breakfast so we had to bring in the good food and some bubbly to ring in this occasion properly. The grand opening was more than just a ribbon cutting and hand shake event, it was a celebration, packed with food, of course, and lots of smiling and hugging because we have come so far.

It has been a challenging road for me professionally growing my brand and business in an industry dominated by men. My presence was not always welcome, my methods were unconventional…I was a functional fitness “freak” and raised eyebrows when clients were observed doing burpees, ball slams or band assisted chin-ups. Male personal trainers are more common than female trainers in traditional gym settings and I was the only female trainer on staff for years and changed the game of what it meant to be a “personal trainer.” I had a passion for helping people lose weight. I developed a business model and a brand that was representative of my passion and I worked laborious hours ­– many of them for free – all in hopes of changing lives and making an impact. My love for people and focus to help others was relentless and still is to this day. I work and train from my heart, not the wallet. 

My location at 1604 Main Road in Jamesport, NY means that I get to do more than just train clients one on one. The layout of BodyRite is perfect because it’s not crowded with equipment that invites clients to sit down. In fact, sitting down is punishable by “dojo-law” which means an automatic 15 burpees. Floor space is abundant and so is the energy and dynamics of the workouts. Small group classes of up to eight offered nine times daily Monday through Friday provide a lot of options for people. Clients love the newest addition to BodyRite which is head trainer and nutritionist Michael Carrozza, CPT. Thanks to Mike, clients are moving better, running faster and lifting more! Because BodyRite is an integrative health and wellness facility, body composition analysis, meal planning and nutrition counseling are available at no charge for in-house clients. A comprehensive yoga program is also coming to BodyRite in May offering classes for yoga enthusiasts of all levels. The infamous Bodyrite Boot Camp Summer Program is back in action starting up June 4th (check bodyritetraining.com or the BodyRite Training Facebook for details). Last summer, BodyRite Boot Camp had its best season yet, the weather was perfect every Saturday, attendance was off the charts and so were the programs! Tires, buckets, shovels, sandbags, water and more sand were the core of my curriculum and torture. We are counting down to summer and can’t wait to kick start all of the fitness that is now officially a part of BodyRite Training.

On April 2, the weather forecast was less than ideal for a grand opening celebration. The skies were dark as rain pounded on the roof top of the building BodyRite now calls home. Within those four walls however, the sun was shining brightly on all of the faces of Bodyrite as we cut the ribbon solidifying our presence in Jamesport as well as our future as leaders in the health and wellness community. We look forward to opening our doors to both forks of the East End this summer and thank the patronage and loyalty of our clients that put us on Main Road. We are the future.


Keeping it simple

by Paige Romanowski

Paige Romanowski, certified personal trainer, is the owner of BodyRite Training located in Jamesport, NY.   Visit Paige’s website at ­bodyritetraining.com

It can be a challenge to whisk up creativity and variety in a workout program day in and day out. It can also be frustrating interpreting and applying all of the fitness and training data available on social media. As a trainer, I find this true both in my profession and in my own personal fitness. The attention and commitment of my clients is essential in order for my business to not only survive, but thrive – so it is extremely important to be inventive and relevant for everyone’s sake! What I refuse to do, however, on all fronts, is succumb to the ebbs and flows of internet fitness trends. It is my purpose to be effective in what I teach and how I teach versus playing the popularity card and selling mediocre fitness.

As the gym rat in me gets smarter, so do my training regimes. Of course time is always a factor and I never seem to find more of it. So, in the year 2016, I can already tell you that my workouts have simplified, due mostly to time constraints. Simple isn’t a bad thing; think of the word simple in terms of focus. Each day that you hit the gym or commence your workout (wherever that may be), focus a good portion of your time on a major complex or compound lift. Squatting or deadlifting would be examples of these lifts as I’ve discussed in prior editions of HOUSE magazine. Performing an explosive lift or movement to fatigue is a great way to challenge the body, burn up some body fat and get some gains.

Excelling in your training will translate into strength. Measurable strength will naturally compute into increased muscularity. Muscularity could satisfy desired body composition goals or improve performance in a sport or even in the game of life. Strength is hard to achieve. Especially if your fitness never quite reaches that level of intensity that turns on and up the central nervous system. Stop wasting your time with the notebook and the iPhone and the workouts that last longer than the State of the Union Address. Listen to your body, work to fatigue and train like a human being.

Let’s talk about the shoulder press, also referred to as the overhead press. I’m not interested in sitting a client down on a bench or on a piece of nautilus equipment and watching them perform a military press. Instant boredom. To me, there is nothing FUN about working out and sitting down. I am more interested in observing a client that has decent lifting experience (while standing up of course) manage the weight of a standard barbell loaded with respectable weight onto the front of their shoulders and explosively pressing the weight above. What will instinctively happen is that the dynamics of the movement – but more importantly, the weight of the bar ­– will command their body’s complete attention. The heaviness of the bar ensures that the only way to get the PRESS is to cheat with the legs by sending the hips back and PUSH from the ground up. Welcome to the push press. The power switch gets turned on with this lift, the heart rate accelerates and rapid-fire type II muscle fibers start to ignite throughout the body. How beautiful is that? Plus, we are talking one movement training many muscle groups simultaneously.

What is worth clarifying here is that this arbitrary client will have to push this weight off their shoulders in order to get this load successfully over their head and into the lock out position. The good old fashion seated shoulder press is something not really worth discussing here because it falls into the category of “mediocre fitness.” Parts of the shoulder will take a decent hit if you do enough weight and repetitions, but the lower trunk and core remain dormant since what you are doing is sitting. There is nothing functional about sitting down and pressing weight overhead. Functional is standing up and then lifting weight overhead – duh. Because of the explosive nature of the push press, more weight can be loaded on the bar. When the load starts to get heavy, the body will naturally have to work harder thus burning more calories, increasing strength and improving muscularity. This is a quick concentric lift that demands explosive power from the ground up.

Here’s how:

• Safely get the bar off the rack or floor and onto the front of your shoulders

• Grab the bar slightly wider than shoulder width apart

• Squeeze the bar tightly with your hands and squeeze shoulder blades as well

• Push your chest out, begin pressing the bar overhead and be sure to pull your head back as the bar moves up overhead

• Meanwhile, begin sending your hips back and bending the knees slightly

• Explosively push through the feet, press the bar overhead and back so that the bar is in line   with the back of your head

• Make sure your belly button is pulled back towards your spine and gluteal muscles engaged

• Lock out with straight arms and legs

Simplicity is important in your workout so you can focus your body, energy and attention on the big, compound lifts and movements. With the push press, all parts of the shoulder and thoracic region, not to mention core and legs, take a nice hit. High repetitions is not the objective here; getting that weight successfully overhead in one explosive movement for just a few repetitions is. If the barbell is loaded properly, your heart rate monitor will come to life guaranteed!

Don’t be distracted by the white noise of trendy fitness and focus your attention on compound movements like the push press. If you are new to a lift like this, start with the bar first and focus on technique before graduating to more weight. Hiring a fitness professional like myself is always an option to ensure safety, proper form and body mechanics. BodyRite Training offers complimentary clinics every month open to the public so check us out on all forms of social media like Facebook or Instagram for details.

Keep lifting!

Food Matters!

A healthy lifestyle marries food and fitness

by Paige Romanowski

Paige Romanowski, certified personal trainer, is the owner of BodyRite Training located in Jamesport, NY.   Visit Paige’s website at ­bodyritetraining.com

The holidays came and went, but the pounds remain and are getting in the way of buttoning up your favorite jeans. Everyone has good intentions to improve the quality of their lives through fitness and diet. The treadmills, the ellipticals and of course the stair master get a lot of attention in the New Year. Exercise is on the minds of the masses and a popular topic of discussion and entertainment for morning shows. All of this effort will be short lived and end in disappointment for many come February. Plain and simple, the focus needs to change. Exercise does not equal health. Health does not equal exercise. The biggest misconception about exercise is that this is the way to lose weight. The long term solution to health and ideal body weight is food. 

Food matters! What you eat, how often you eat and how much of it you eat can determine and effect fat loss, fat gain, muscle loss or muscle gain. In simple terms, our bodies are like an equation: what you add or take away will affect the end result. BodyRite clients eat more than they ever have and love the foods they eat because it makes them feel their best. Living Bodyrite yields incredible body composition results every four weeks. A food life that focuses on whole food nutrition will shred fat, eliminate inflammation and enable maximum macronutrient absorption. Regulating hormones through consistent healthy eating is the best and only way to trim inches in your waistline. According to Robert H. Lustig, M.D., author of “Fat Chance,” there is not one study that demonstrates that exercise alone causes significant weight loss. True, if food intake is kept constant and then vigorous activity is adopted, some weight-loss will occur, but not much. 

So what is the key to weight loss and health? Well it's simple – regular food intake of the BodyRite kind throughout the day and adequate sleep married with an effective fitness program will yield results. Divorce yourself from the calorie counting game and focus on the big picture: macronutrients. Situate your breakfast, lunch and dinner plate around good protein, good fats and good plant food. Eliminate snacking throughout the day and focus on your three major meals. Dieting does not teach healthy eating habits, nor does it mean longevity and it certainly does not sustain. I believe and advocate lifestyle and this begins with knowledge which is then formulated into habits. If we can repeat this pattern of a healthy lifestyle in our daily lives with consistency, a myriad of positive results will occur. 

My clients feel better in their bodies living and eating the way that they do. Food is no longer in the driver's seat. Weakness in the mind due in part to ignorance is replaced with knowledge that empowers. Training gets smarter and physiques change because we have married food and fitness. Change your focus, believe in the power of food and commit to lifestyle changes rather than resolutions. 

Functional Movement: Why Squat?

by Paige Romanowski

Paige Romanowski, certified personal trainer, is the owner of BodyRite Training. She is excited to announce the opening of her new personal training studio in Jamesport on January 4.  Visit Paige’s website at bodyritetraining.com

Fitness is accessible to everyone these days. Information pours through your smartphone from all directions regarding the newest trend in exercise and what really is the ticket to the perfect body. I can barely stomach a lot of the nonsense I see on Instagram and Twitter because most of it is trendy, dangerous and not very functional. Call me old school, but I like good old fashion human movement that makes sense to our bodies and for our day-to-day lives. 

The complaint factor can be high in the hour of fitness with BodyRite Training. Times are tough when the heart rates are high and there’s still eight minutes left until quitting time. Everyone has a favorite exercise or two, maybe it’s because they can perform it well or maybe it’s because they understand the benefits. Squatting is by far a favorite of the BodyRite community. Absolutely no one complains when it’s time to give a SQUAT and here’s why. 

Squatting was a fundamental and vital movement for all of us as babies. Lowering ourselves into a squat meant access to all of our favorite things on the floor. As age takes over, squatting on a regular basis becomes a movement of the past and not so vital in our every day lives. Nowadays, gyms make it such that one doesn’t even have to squat thanks to the invention of nautilus equipment. Members can meander through the maze of isolation equipment crowding the gym floor in search of the leg extension, leg curl or leg press machine. Functional trainers like myself cringe at such equipment because it not only takes up floor space, but most of all seated isolation machinery doesn’t get the human body moving the way it was intended to.  

Squats are amazing because they do so many things for our bodies all at once. The central nervous system turns on when squats are performed properly. Human growth hormone and testosterone are released which is a big positive in order for muscle growth and overall muscle mass improvement to take place. As mentioned previously, squatting is a functional movement which means it has application in our every day lives. I never squat my clients on a Smith machine because it restricts natural human movement and seems counterintuitive to me. I prefer clients working with strength training implements like kettle bells, sandbags or barbells when squatting. Squatting without the assistance of a guided track requires the body’s stabilizing muscles making up one’s “core” to engage, thus improving overall balance and coordination. Because squatting is a multi-joint exercise or compound movement, more than one muscle group gets involved in order to produce this very complex movement. Squatting taxes the body incredibly because almost every muscle becomes a participant. 

Because of the positive stress that squatting imposes on the body, more energy must be expended in order to perform such a movement. Exercise that requires more work for our bodies logically demand more energy. The squat is an excellent choice for burning calories versus sitting down on a piece of nautilus equipment. Sports performance will certainly increase if squatting is a part of one’s fitness regime. Having trouble completing that 5k in under 30 minutes? Consider incorporating weighted squats into your weekly routine and watch you athletic abilities improve! 

The positives of squatting are abundant – almost too many to count. Stop going to the gym and sitting down for your workout. Turn up the heat on your squats and try increasing your working weight. Eliminate the number of squats per set and try squatting for time. Step away from the Smith machine and try squatting in the front rack position with a kettle bell. The possibilities are endless and so is your human potential. If necessary, hire an experienced functional trainer to help you with the fundamentals or better yet, come see me at BodyRite Training’s new location in Jamesport, New York!  

Honey, Ah, Sugar Sugar

By Paige Romanowski

Monday morning comes fast for everyone, does it not? It certainly seems like it in the world of BodyRite Training. And like every Monday morning, confessions pour out of the mouths of my clients regarding their weekend adventures with food, drink and the like. And like every empathetic trainer, I try to navigate through these conversations with just the right amount of disdain, diplomacy and...shall we say, forgiveness? At BodyRite, the focus is the food and what I really care about more so than how many spin classes my peeps took is what they are eating. Human activity matters, getting our heart rate up matters, lifting heavy stuff matters, sprinting every seven to ten days matters – however, the information we put into our systems matters more. 


The idiom “the devil is in the details” is a true story and couldn’t be more accurate when it comes to the current food crisis in America. Sugar is the devil and he finds his way into everyone’s pantry, refrigerator and table. If you aren’t paying attention to what you are eating, sugar will creep into your diet. Between 1980 and 2011 the rate of diabetes has increased from 5.6 million to 20 million. Excessive consumption of sugar is to blame. Food has never been so sweet and it’s killing Americans. 


New York Times best selling author Joseph Mercola, is an osteopathic physician and proponent of Paleolithic nutrition and he estimates that “our ancestors likely indulged in around one tablespoon (60 calories) of honey per day (when available), which is stunningly low compared to today’s average sugar intake of one cup (774 calories) per day!” Dr. Robert Lustig, a professor of clinical pediatrics at the University of California, released a video that went viral on YouTube during the summer of 2009 with an estimated 6 million views. His video was about the toxicity of sugar titled “Sugar: The Bitter Truth,” and according to Lustig, fructose is poison. 


Other sugar experts make similar claims about the dangers of sugar like health journalist Gary Taubes, author of the popular book Good Calories, Bad Calories: Fats, Carbs, and the Controversial Science of Diet and Health, has reasonable concerns about sugar intake because as Mr. Taubes points out, insulin resistance is quite likely to be the dietary cause of some cancers. Dr. Nancy Appleton, author of the book Sugar Suicide, lists about 143 research-supported reasons to kick the sugar habit. 


The truth about sugar and it’s long and short term effects on the human body is now a topic that people are interested in since researchers are able to make some important connections to our health, our wellness and our longevity. I am not convinced yet that people are truly listening however; sugar is, after all, highly addictive. Mercola states that “sugar has the ability to increase pleasure-yielding opioids in the brain, similar to morphine and heroin, making one’s sugar cravings often too strong to ignore.” Not only that, but sugar is in everything and called many things that layman label readers can’t even identify. So my job as a “food coach” let’s say, is to find out what my clients are eating and then educate them on the details of proper food identification and consumption. The overwhelming factor by far is sugar. Most of them typically believe that they are eating healthy and doing the right thing according to the information that is being fed to them by their doctors, the television and the FDA. Typically, the information is misleading, contradictory and flat out not true. 


I signed up a new client in the beginning of July. He is a male, above the age of 75, almost five foot six weighing in at 238 lbs. We sat down together for his orientation and documented his food life. Once I had all the data, it was blantly clear that there was way too much sugar in his life and the overabundance of insulin floating around was causing his waistline to expand. Sadly however, this client like so many others, really was trying to do the right thing. Here is what his typical breakfast consisted of:

• 3 egg whites

• 1 container fat free yogurt/

1 container of regular yogurt

• granola (for yogurt)

• pear

• 1 cup orange juice


Doesn’t look too bad, right? Four weeks after our first meeting and some dietary changes, my client had another body composition evaluation. The results were amazing – he lost a staggering 12 pounds not to mention inches in his waistline. His breakfast now consists of whole eggs or another protein source and vegetables. Nutrition is now back into his breakfast and its low glycemic nature means his blood sugar will be level instead of spiking like it was with all of the sugar he was getting in the granola, yogurt, fruit and fruit juice. I am confident my client will lose 40 pounds by December, no problem, because he is now free of the sugar cycle and understands the behavior patterns of sugar. 


The devil has many names so it’s important to know what to look for when reading labels. Some common terms: sucrose, fructose, dextrose, high fructose corn syrup, rice syrup, maltodextrin, sucralose, sorbitol, agave nectar, evaporated cane juice, honey, fruit juice concentrate, lactose, sorghum syrup, aspartame, xylitol and there are many more. 


Essentially, I want my clients abstaining from sugar entirely. The quicker I can get them off “the crack” (as I call it), the quicker I can rid their bodies of visceral fat. Banning sugar from your life or even just practicing the 80/20 rule, will not only help diminish fat deposits, but it will also improve your physiology. Mineral imbalances, inflammation, anxiety, attention disorders, degenerative diseases have all been linked to excess sugar consumption. Clearly there is more to shunning sugar than just weight loss; it’s about wellness. 


Take ownership of what you are eating and understand the cause and effect of food, in particular sugar. I believe that sugar of any kind is a treat; we should practice extreme moderation and thoughtfulness when ingesting this substance. Sugar can be a bowl of pasta, a glass of champagne or a cookie just to name a few. Sugar is in every aisle of every grocery store. Whole food nutrition equals feeling well, looking well and living well. Dancing with the devil is a slippery slope loaded with consequences of every kind. Know your enemy!



Paige Romanowski, certified personal trainer, is the owner of BodyRite Training. She works in Riverhead, NY at Maximus Health & Fitness and also owns a personal training studio in Mattituck, NY. Visit Paige’s website at www.bodyritetraining.com