Food Matters!

A healthy lifestyle marries food and fitness

by Paige Romanowski

Paige Romanowski, certified personal trainer, is the owner of BodyRite Training located in Jamesport, NY.   Visit Paige’s website at ­

The holidays came and went, but the pounds remain and are getting in the way of buttoning up your favorite jeans. Everyone has good intentions to improve the quality of their lives through fitness and diet. The treadmills, the ellipticals and of course the stair master get a lot of attention in the New Year. Exercise is on the minds of the masses and a popular topic of discussion and entertainment for morning shows. All of this effort will be short lived and end in disappointment for many come February. Plain and simple, the focus needs to change. Exercise does not equal health. Health does not equal exercise. The biggest misconception about exercise is that this is the way to lose weight. The long term solution to health and ideal body weight is food. 

Food matters! What you eat, how often you eat and how much of it you eat can determine and effect fat loss, fat gain, muscle loss or muscle gain. In simple terms, our bodies are like an equation: what you add or take away will affect the end result. BodyRite clients eat more than they ever have and love the foods they eat because it makes them feel their best. Living Bodyrite yields incredible body composition results every four weeks. A food life that focuses on whole food nutrition will shred fat, eliminate inflammation and enable maximum macronutrient absorption. Regulating hormones through consistent healthy eating is the best and only way to trim inches in your waistline. According to Robert H. Lustig, M.D., author of “Fat Chance,” there is not one study that demonstrates that exercise alone causes significant weight loss. True, if food intake is kept constant and then vigorous activity is adopted, some weight-loss will occur, but not much. 

So what is the key to weight loss and health? Well it's simple – regular food intake of the BodyRite kind throughout the day and adequate sleep married with an effective fitness program will yield results. Divorce yourself from the calorie counting game and focus on the big picture: macronutrients. Situate your breakfast, lunch and dinner plate around good protein, good fats and good plant food. Eliminate snacking throughout the day and focus on your three major meals. Dieting does not teach healthy eating habits, nor does it mean longevity and it certainly does not sustain. I believe and advocate lifestyle and this begins with knowledge which is then formulated into habits. If we can repeat this pattern of a healthy lifestyle in our daily lives with consistency, a myriad of positive results will occur. 

My clients feel better in their bodies living and eating the way that they do. Food is no longer in the driver's seat. Weakness in the mind due in part to ignorance is replaced with knowledge that empowers. Training gets smarter and physiques change because we have married food and fitness. Change your focus, believe in the power of food and commit to lifestyle changes rather than resolutions.