Pride & Purpose (and a little self-praise…)

Paige ceremoniously cuts the ribbon to officially open the BodyRite studio

Spring has been an extremely eventful season for BodyRite Training. Despite the pouring rain outside, local government officials, media, clients and supporters came out on April 2 to celebrate the grand opening of my business, BodyRite Training. It was an exciting day for all, especially for those that have been a part of BodyRite Training since its inception five years ago. Clients like Lauren, Nicole and Meredith recall training outside in parking lots riddled with needles, local parks crowded with activity and in gyms with broken equipment and unsanitary conditions. Location didn’t matter, it was our unified commitment to living and training “BodyRite” that motivated all of us to work hard and work out with passion, dedication and even sacrifice.

I believe in celebrating everything, especially when it pertains to Bodyrite. My clients know very well that I enjoy bringing the “crew” together as a community and just having fun. Every year, we host a BodyRite BBQ and holiday breakfast. This year, the stress of construction and planning prevented us from being able to host the breakfast so we had to bring in the good food and some bubbly to ring in this occasion properly. The grand opening was more than just a ribbon cutting and hand shake event, it was a celebration, packed with food, of course, and lots of smiling and hugging because we have come so far.

It has been a challenging road for me professionally growing my brand and business in an industry dominated by men. My presence was not always welcome, my methods were unconventional…I was a functional fitness “freak” and raised eyebrows when clients were observed doing burpees, ball slams or band assisted chin-ups. Male personal trainers are more common than female trainers in traditional gym settings and I was the only female trainer on staff for years and changed the game of what it meant to be a “personal trainer.” I had a passion for helping people lose weight. I developed a business model and a brand that was representative of my passion and I worked laborious hours ­– many of them for free – all in hopes of changing lives and making an impact. My love for people and focus to help others was relentless and still is to this day. I work and train from my heart, not the wallet. 

My location at 1604 Main Road in Jamesport, NY means that I get to do more than just train clients one on one. The layout of BodyRite is perfect because it’s not crowded with equipment that invites clients to sit down. In fact, sitting down is punishable by “dojo-law” which means an automatic 15 burpees. Floor space is abundant and so is the energy and dynamics of the workouts. Small group classes of up to eight offered nine times daily Monday through Friday provide a lot of options for people. Clients love the newest addition to BodyRite which is head trainer and nutritionist Michael Carrozza, CPT. Thanks to Mike, clients are moving better, running faster and lifting more! Because BodyRite is an integrative health and wellness facility, body composition analysis, meal planning and nutrition counseling are available at no charge for in-house clients. A comprehensive yoga program is also coming to BodyRite in May offering classes for yoga enthusiasts of all levels. The infamous Bodyrite Boot Camp Summer Program is back in action starting up June 4th (check or the BodyRite Training Facebook for details). Last summer, BodyRite Boot Camp had its best season yet, the weather was perfect every Saturday, attendance was off the charts and so were the programs! Tires, buckets, shovels, sandbags, water and more sand were the core of my curriculum and torture. We are counting down to summer and can’t wait to kick start all of the fitness that is now officially a part of BodyRite Training.

On April 2, the weather forecast was less than ideal for a grand opening celebration. The skies were dark as rain pounded on the roof top of the building BodyRite now calls home. Within those four walls however, the sun was shining brightly on all of the faces of Bodyrite as we cut the ribbon solidifying our presence in Jamesport as well as our future as leaders in the health and wellness community. We look forward to opening our doors to both forks of the East End this summer and thank the patronage and loyalty of our clients that put us on Main Road. We are the future.