Years ago while preparing to sit for my personal training exam, I was also evaluating my own eating habits and how to improve. My diet was pretty clean, or so I thought, although I felt like I was always hungry and falling prey to carbohydrates. I was doing all the things “healthy” people do, so I was frustrated and confused as to why I couldn’t get leaner in my abdominal area and lower half despite all the good eating and training I was doing. The typical carb-loading regime that many gym goers and personal trainers follow and advocate wasn’t working for me. I was eating oatmeal in the morning, loading up my post work out beverages with fruit and powders (promoting fat loss), I was eating lots of protein, healthy yogurt and Ezekiel bread (“flourless wheat”) with eggs (because that was grain free right?). 

Finally, I gave up and stopped asking people for their own subjective opinions on food and took matters into my own hands. I buried my head in books written by respected doctors and made some amazing discoveries thanks to Dr. David Perlmutter, Dr. Loren Cordain and Robb Wolf just to name a few. 

Due to the overwhelming amount of evidence and scientific data that was consistent among all of these authors, I decided to cut all grains, wheat and flour like granola, Ezekiel bread and pasta out of my diet. The first week restricting my carbohydrates in this fashion was difficult to say the least; my cravings were extreme and strangely enough, I began to experience violent headaches and even felt like I had a quick touch of the flu. I had zero energy and became crankier than normal. Later I learned that these were typical withdrawal side effects that I experienced while getting off “the crack.”

My 4 pound weight loss was encouraging though. At the time, I weighed about 185 pounds. I continued to lose and was down 13 pounds after four weeks eventually hitting 157 pounds at the end of three months. 

BodyRite client Rebecca Neese has lost an astonishing 80 pounds!

My pursuit to know more has been ongoing throughout my profession as a trainer; one can never know too much! That was seven years ago and today my love of people and passion to help others has blossomed into a successful integrative wellness and functional fitness facility in Jamesport, NY, known popularly as BodyRite Training. 

BodyRite client Camille Rienecker is proud to be showing off her 70 pound weight loss!

I have helped more people than I can count reach their ideal body weight through my lifestyle program at BodyRite. Living low carb makes sense on every level for everyone. Clients Rebecca Neese and Camille Rienecker have proven that with their extreme weight loss. Rebecca has lost 80 pounds since joining BodyRite two years ago and Camille has lost 70 pounds since March of 2015 thanks to practicing a low carbohydrate lifestyle. Their success stories have made an incredible impact on the lives of North Forkers seeking improved health and weight loss. My success as a fitness professional is based solely on the success of my clients. 

Our story reached the producers of The Dr. Oz Show and we were all invited to appear on the show on May 18, 2016 to discuss the benefits of a low carbohydrate diet. Everyone on set, including Dr. Oz, was awestruck when looking at the before and after pictures of Rebecca and Camille. Men and women can look forward to shredding body fat, eliminating sugar cravings, improved blood panels, stabilized hormone levels, better mental focus, increased energy and healthy digestive tracts free of inflammation thanks to the healing powers of whole foods. Regardless of gender, age or ethnicity, the benefits of low carb living
do not discriminate. 

When we restrict carbohydrates over a short period of time, the body must find a way to create energy to function. Fat tissue can be converted to energy and the byproduct of fat metabolism is ketones. Ketones are molecules generated by fat burning like the fat that sits on many, many waistlines of Americans or the fat found in whole foods like eggs, nuts and high quality protein. If we restrict the intake of sugar and carbohydrates and consistently focus our food on good fats and high quality protein, fat metabolism will begin to take place which equals weight loss and improved health. Practicing a low carbohydrate lifestyle is the key to better health overall. 

Weight loss isn’t always healthy or sustainable but I know in my heart that practicing a low carbohydrate lifestyle is all of the above. Our bodies need fat to survive. Our cells are comprised of fat, our brains are comprised of fat and fat needs fat to thrive. Sugar is addictive and comes in so many forms. Chronic sugar consumption - regardless of name, shape or kind - is the root cause of our current health crisis. 

Open your refrigerators and pantry doors and start taking control of your appetites and waistlines and throw out the junk! Replace manufactured food products with whole food items like animal based protein, eggs, nuts and seeds, avocados, asparagus, spinach, olive oil and coconut oil to name a few. Living BodyRite has saved my life, the lives of Rebecca and Camille and other countless clients. Take ownership of your health and life and save your own. Get off the carbs!