“Success depends upon previous preparation, and without such preparation there is sure to be failure.” – Confucius

by Paige Romanowski

“Setting yourself up for success” is a phrase that I use quite often at BodyRite Training. Whether it pertains to your squat position, a training goal or something more personal, the set up will determine success or failure hands down. The pattern of your set up – or the consistency with which you practice your set up – is essential and will inevitably get you to your END GAME victoriously.

Recently, I introduced a 60-day health and wellness program to the BodyRite Community singularly focusing on nutrition and fitness called “FitCamp.” Fifteen clients participated in this life- changing opportunity and committed themselves to the principles and more importantly, the lifestyle choices that BodyRite Training as a living, breathing and eating entity/community believes firmly in.

During the creative process of FitCamp, I had to think hard on “the set up.” My singular objective in developing a unique educational program like this was to make an enormous impact on the lives and health status of 15 very different human bodies. This was and is a challenge. At the very start of FitCamp, I prescribed the use of a simple tool that became the lifeline for my program: a journal.

Journaling is the quintessential “set up” for success. Beyond setting a goal and attempting to attain it, journaling brings mindfulness to our very beings and creates the space in our brains for self awareness, reflection and accountability. When was the last time you gave pause and brought awareness to yourSELF and the activities that you engage in day to day? FitCamp forced the hands of the 15 participants to journal daily about their food and beverage choices, along with lifestyle habits like fitness and sleep.

Session One of FitCamp has now ended and as planned, my objectives were successfully met. Fifteen lives and bodies were greatly and positively impacted by this program. As a group, these men and women lost over 80 pounds and 25+ inches in their waistlines! The daily practice of journaling was a pattern that I believe set each participant up for inevitable success. Participants had to repeat positive lifestyle choices daily for many many days – 60 to be exact! Their journals were constant reminders of mindfulness and self-accountability.

So in sum, find your “set up” first when setting a goal. I believe journaling should be a part of that process. Purchase a composition notebook, download an app or buy a journal specific to your purpose. Sit down with yourself and START! Enjoy the process and observe your own self transformation.