A Re-do at the Dune

by Natalie Weinstein, Allied ASID, IDS
Photography by Jack Ader/Images for Presentation

The Round Dune in East Quogue is a unique Hampton’s landmark. Built over 50 years ago, the views from its condos are spectacular, the beach, pristine, and the apartments challenging. Because each of its four structures is built in the round, every unit is pie shaped. Consisting of a full bath and one large area which encompasses kitchen and living space – similar to a studio apartment – it’s the design variation, literally, of trying to fit ten pounds of goodies into a five pound bag!

Sofa seating area with view of the bay by day opens to a guest bed by night.

Our clients, a truly terrific couple who love the beach in all seasons, spend a great deal of time there from its opening in April to closing in October. They invite friends and family often and enjoy the amenities that go along with seasonal fun and relaxation.

The design challenge was to create a space plan that would allow for upscale entertaining, guest visiting and sleepovers, while relaxing in an uncluttered utilitarian space that is more “Manhattan than beachy.” Naturally, storage was also a problem since closet space is minimal at best. In short – a designer challenge.

By removing original wall and closet, the kitchen area now becomes a bar serving destination as well.

A closeup view of this sleek kitchen reveals built-in refrigerator, dishwasher and freezer drawers. The glass wall tile, the color of the sea, is a perfect backdrop for kitchen/bar storage and display.

The decision to gut the entire living space was inevitable. When walls came down, the panoramic view was spectacular. As you entered – ocean and bay were wherever you looked; amazing! The kitchen now became a bar/seating area with appliances concealed within the cabinetry. A queen size “Murphy bed” style wall unit was designed with storage as well as a “napping” niche for grandchildren and a concealed TV that services that sleeping area. The sofa on the opposite wall opens to a king size bed for visitors and a track was installed on a ceiling beam to hold a drapery “room divider” when guests sleep over. The only actual wall left untouched was the one behind the sofa. Fully mirrored, it brought the outside in with its extraordinary view.

We chose a color palette that was neutral with the free flowing design of the area rugs bringing in the colors of the sand and the sea. Black wood grain and striated brushed silver became the backdrop of choice to focus on the wonders of nature that surround the space.

When dining with an ocean view, one would never suspect that a Murphy closet bed system is hiding in the adjacent wall.

Every inch in this less than 600 square feet is maximized for storage. Closets, bed, drawers and TV where there is even a niche for reading and relaxing.

Here’s what our clients had to say about their home away from home, the lifestyle it created and the transformation our design team achieved:

“Having architectural, engineering and design knowledge ourselves, it was a delight to work with someone who loved the challenge and had the expertise and resources, which because of time, distance and off season constants, we could not handle ourselves. Natalie, with the help of a first rate team, created a sophisticated environment, where space limitations necessitated a ‘place for everything’ while not obstructing the spectacular views. Her site manager, Annie, coordinated the trades, overcame the restraints of weather and ‘put up with us’ with patience and grace. We love the loft-like feeling, created by high floor to ceiling elements, that maintain the 180 degree views.”


A contemporary holographic fireplace is the perfect compliment to the cool night air on a summer's eve.