87 LEONARD - Bespoke residences designed by Taylor Spellman New York

This bold yet chic living space lends comfortability and access to anyone who enters. The Tribeca mom, the kids, the bachelor, the family friends and the new neighbors – there’s a sense of commonality to everyone when the use of neutral tones comes into play and everyone can find comfort on the beige couches next to a cozy

The custom artwork of this living space brings attention directly to the fireplace, which is extended in size and effect through the wallpaper detail and use of a mirror to extend the length of the room.

Too often, people save daring colors like red only for one accent wall. Here the entire room is a bold, warm red and it fits the space well – communicating a luxurious, alluring sensation to all who enter.

87 Leonard blends historic authenticity with contemporary luxury in the heart of Tribeca. Units range from 3,000 to 7,000 square feet… so there is a lot of room to play with. There is also a lot of space that can easily be misused, so it is crucial to make different focal points and different sitting places within the room. “My aim was to create a space that has something for everyone,” explains Taylor Spellman, designer, staging expert and owner of Taylor Spellman New York. “A little bit of everything, but cohesive.”

Not doing a lot of color can still be bold and chic and not look too staged. As an example, the goal in the great room was to let the eyes fall upon the industrial aspects, from the beautiful wooden beam to the tall columns, but still insert soft furniture and an elegant fireplace for a fully-rounded composition.

You always want a kitchen with the capacity to entertain. Here there are a variety of different seating options for all who enter, with an open path of conversation whether one is cooking or enjoying the food. Different elements of wood from cabinetry, to table and the accessory storage accentuate the bright hardwood flooring – producing a comfortable, appetizing tone in a modern space

“For me, New York is everything. I'll walk down the street for half a block and I'm immediately rejuvenated and inspired,” expressed Spellman. “The electric energy is my fuel!”

Layering a variety of textures throughout the bedscape elevates the use of natural, neutral tones; creating a calm vibe for the end of the day and a fresh start in the morning.

As much as she loves the energy of the city, Spellman gets a great deal of inspiration from the quiet. “It’s hard to find it, but I love to settle in late at night with a glass of wine and create.
During that uninterrupted time, I always come up with my best ideas.”

This room brings the outdoors inside for the NYC kid, harnessing different textures and bold colors to bring out the fun and adventure for the up-and-coming city dweller.

Spellman’s design philosophy: “Design for how you really live. People talk about one’s home like it’s a luxury good and it’s not; it is absolutely critical to one’s life,” she remarks. “This is the place you go to seek refuge from what can be a crazy world. Your home should build you up and be a place for living and loving.”