Summer Stylin'

Seasonal decorating with Kim E. Courtney Interiors

Photographs by Alan Barry Photography

Being a passionate interior designer, Kim Radovich of Kim E. Courtney Interiors in Huntington Bay is always “decorating” in some fashion. She entertains often and while setting up for a ladies luncheon at her home in Huntington Bay, Kim lends us some pointers tailored towards decorating
not only with fabrics, furniture and artificial lighting – which is what designers do every day – but with living things, natural light and edibles. Of course, exterior decorating is just as important as interior decorating but often overlooked. Presentation is everything in your own home, at a farm-to-table restaurant or at a personal dinner party.

Kim always thinks “seasonal” when decorating for an event. Flowers, food and fabrics are at the top of list. It’s summertime; brilliant, bright black eyed Susans, sunflowers and the perfect summer blue delphinium add personality to any summer floral arrangement.

Red and purple heirlooms, glistening berries and juicy Meyer lemons add such vibrant color to a table and satisfy the taste buds as well. Use seasonal herbs as decoration and offer your guests the aromas of the seasonal perennial garden.

Kim’s favorite foundation for the table is always crisp ivory or white linen and napkins. It’s the perfect backdrop for the vivid seasonal hues. The designer reminds us that the prettiest china won't look as dramatic if the tablescape doesn't have items at varied heights. A cool trick is to invert bowls of varying heights and use as pedestals for serving pieces. Layer table wear and don't be afraid to mix it up. Use crystals with porcelain and glass with metal in mismatched styles and patterns for an easy casual tablescape. For a more formal table, bring out the silver, china and crystal (don't be afraid to mix up patterns here either).

Outdoor rugs do a fabulous job of anchoring a large outdoor space to create cozy living and eating areas.

And make sure the candlesticks are in place so they can be lit at dusk.

Step away, take a breath and look at the beauty of your decorating. First impressions are everything and your guests will appreciate the beauty you have bestowed upon them.