Photography by Rob Cuni

With the ever evolving trends in backyard spaces, Metamorphosis Landscape Design is always open to providing clients with designs that suit their needs and recreating spaces that bring them to unique places, this property was no exception.

Setback into the pines, this newly constructed two–family home was ready to be transformed into a private Rocky Mountain-style retreat. For this active family, two requests were firmly expressed; a main gathering space and a pool.

The main focal point of this space would be the A–frame pavilion in the center, complete with rustic heavy wood beams and a stone fireplace reminiscent of a ski lodge. The pavilion serves as an area for eating with barbecue access close by and nighttime gathering with a lounge area for relaxing after hours.

A large freeform pool with a stone waterfall provides a feeling of tranquility among its wooded surroundings. Layered stone with multiple falls extends the character of the mountains with a “watering hole” type feel complete with jump rocks. A large, flowing patio provides plenty of space for the family to enjoy parties and summertime with friends.

Evergreen plantings in raised beds help to fill gaps left behind by the mature pine trees, providing screening and continuing the mountain feel of layered trees. Different textures of shrubs, grasses and perennials provide color and soften the stone. Paving stones were used as the main material for the patio with banding used to visually separate areas.

A paver with a natural character and subdued color tone blends into the space well, allowing the pavilion and waterfall to remain the focal points. A Rocky Mountain retreat found in the pine woods of Port Jefferson.