Landscape Art-chitect

Inspired outdoor space from Finesse Landscape Design

A couple in Massapequa Park needed an update to their backyard and were looking for creative ideas to make their backyard come alive. After meeting with several landscape designers, they decided to go with Eric Hagenbruch of Finesse Landscape Design, Inc. “His love, his passion and his artistic ideas for creating an unusual garden with so much interest from varied perennials was the reason we hired Eric,” stated the homeowner.

An underused above-ground pool was removed to make room for more useful and desired spaces like the irregular bluestone patio with a cozy firepit. This area was positioned so it could be enjoyed from any vantage point in the backyard.

A total of 150 assorted perennials provide color and texture through the seasons in the area around the firepit. Fast-growing thyme was used as a stepable ground cover to fill the joints between the bluestone and soften the hardscape elements. Using herb ground covers such as creeping thyme can be an aromatic addition to the yard. As guests walk around the firepit, a beautiful fragrance is released all around.

Along the fence line, screening was needed to block the neighboring houses. The client just wanted a row of the typical Arborvitaes. “No way; boring!” exclaimed Hagenbruch. A variety of screening plants were chosen including evergreens Cryptomeria, Blue Atlas Cedar and semi-evergreen Elaeagnus along with some specimen plants such as Nootkatensis and Sciadopitys. In front of the evergreens, flowering and fragrant shrubs and perennials add interest throughout the year.

Three plantable wall sconces were fixed on the fence to break up the blank expanse and create some wall art next to a seating area. “It was pretty funny,” explained Hagenbruch. “A dead branch had fallen from the neighbor’s tree into the backyard and my client had asked me to get rid of it. I took a look at it and said to myself ‘it’s interesting.’” When his client came outside to look at some of the work, she chuckled when she saw the branch installed on the fence. “I asked her if she still wanted me to get rid of the branch,” continued Hagenbruch. “She laughed again and said ‘What an amazing idea; how do you think of these things?’”

Hagenbruch professed,“I’m an artist – I’m always thinking of inspiring ways to use interesting pieces.”